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February 25, 2020: Invited Speaker Seminar: Next Generation of Access Control Systems Using Blockchain

Ms. Sara Rouhani, Ph.D. Candidate
University of Saskatchewan

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 10:45 am
Room EV002.184


The current access control systems encounter many problems, such as the presence of the third-party, inefficiency, and lack of privacy. These problems can be addressed by blockchain, the technology that has received significant attention in recent years and has many potentials. In this seminar, blockchain technology as the backend infrastructure for access control systems will be exploited. First, two blockchain-based decentralized applications will be introduced as examples of decentralized access control applications. One represents the capability of blockchain technology for sharing sensitive healthcare data, and another discusses a physical access control system using blockchain. Finally, our implemented attribute-based access control system will be explored. This system has been designed to enhance transparency, establish trust and provide federated access between multiple organizations.


Sara Rouhani is currently a Ph.D. candidate as well as a lecturer in the computer science department at the University of Saskatchewan. Since 2016, she has been investigating distributed shared ledger technology, smart contracts, and blockchain-based applications under the supervision of Professor Ralph Deters. Besides her academic research studies, Sara has been involved in multiple industrial projects. For instance, in collaboration with Linux Foundation, she has developed a Hyperledger Fabric-based access control project. Also, she has participated in a couple of other innovative real-world projects as a team lead and a blockchain developer, such as working as a Mitacs researcher in the Trioova blockchain-based health care project and working with a start-up in the medical insurance field as the blockchain-team lead.


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