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Doctoral Student's Work Finds Innovative Application in Traditional Theatre Production in China

Dr. Miao Song, a doctoral student of Dr. Peter Grogono deployed software implemented as part of her PhD, Illimitable Space System or ISS [1,2] in three scenes of the play called, “Like Shadows". This play is a collaborative theatre production by Beijing, China based Central Academy of Drama and Concordia University. The performance was staged to the public in Beijing from April 3rd to April 12th, 2014 with about 900 audience in attendance per show.

The play was originally written and directed by the renowned theater director Dr. Stan Lai at Stanford University and premiered at the National Theater in Taipei in 2007. Based on the original play, Professors Ruru Ding and Shan Li at The Central Academy of Drama, Beijing, recreated and redirected this piece with the students in the Theatre Direction program for the current generation

Read the full story and view photos of the performance.

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