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Introduction to Modern Masonry Part 4: Masonry Walls Loaded Out-of-Plane: Guest lecture on April 28

Presentations are given every month

The GCS Centre for Structural Safety and Resilience (CSSR) is proud of hosting a 4-part special series of Monthly Guest Presentations. The topic of the presentation series is "Modern Load-Bearing Concrete Block Masonry Design". The lecture series will be delivered by Dr. Adrien Sparling (brief bio below). Here are the details of this month's presentation.

Date and Time: Friday, April 28 from 4 to 5 p.m. (Montreal EST time)

Title: Introduction to Modern Masonry Part 4: Masonry Walls Loaded Out-of-Plane


   Adrien Sparling, PhD, PEng
   Masonry Design Engineer, Qu├ębec Office

Brief Bio: Dr. Adrien Sparling obtained his MSc Degree from University of Manitoba and then completed his PhD Degree from York University in the field of Structural Engineering. Currently, he is a practicing masonry design engineer working at Canada Masonry Design Centre.

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