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ECE outreach at Marianopolis

Students at Marianopolis College got to experience first-hand what it's like to attend a university level class in electrical engineering through a special lecture series held this spring. Concordia's Sheldon Williamson gave up his lunch hour to bring his expertise to students eager to learn more about what kind of sustainable research is going on at Concordia.

For Williamson, associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the talk represented an opportunity to discuss the timely topic of electric vehicles in terms of global energy concerns. "Shortage of petroleum is considered as one of the most critical worldwide issues today. At the same time, car owners spend more money at the gas station than ever before. The most practical solution to the oil crisis problems lies in commercially available electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles" says Williamson, who was happy to share his views with an engaged audience of potential future electrical engineers at Marianopolis.

This marks the fourth year that Concordia and Marianopolis have teamed up for a special lecture series showcasing the work of the university's professors. More lectures are planned for the fall.

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