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Faculty Publications in The Conversation Attract Readers

Dr. Matthew Anderson and Dr. André Gagné have been engaged in public scholarship with several publications in The Conversation since 2017. Until now, their articles were collectively read 168,066 times. For those interested in reading their articles, you can click on the links of the titles below.


Dr. Anderson’s articles:

Why Canadians need 'the right to roam' (33,587 Reads)

'Paul, Apostle of Christ' owes more to Coca-Cola than to the Bible (14,926 Reads)

Charles Dickens: The man who invented Christmas plagiarized Jesus (7,762 Reads)


Dr. Gagné’s articles:

Connaissons-nous vraiment l’histoire de Noël ? (73,242 Reads)

9/11 anniversary: Understanding extremist motives could stop further violence (13,556 Reads)

Is Trump emboldening right-wing extremism in Canada? (13,057 Reads)

From America to Ontario: The political impact of the Christian right (with Andréa Febres-Gagné) (4,213 Reads)

Les « cours virtuels » de Daech, outils de fidélisation (with Marc-André Argnetino) (3,736 Reads)

How the Islamic State uses 'virtual lessons' to build loyalty (with Marc-André Argentino) (2,234 Reads)

Donald Trump attise-t-il l’extrémisme de droite au Canada ? (1,322 Reads)

Qui sont les évangéliques et comment influencent-ils les élections ? (431 Reads)


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