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Palestine solidarity broadcasts on Radio AlHara - An update from Stefan Christoff

November 27, 2023

Social Justice Centre's researcher Stefan Christoff has been coordinating a series of broadcasts in collaboration with the Palestinian independent community radio project Radio AlHara which is based in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Palestine solidarity broadcasts on Radio AlHara

Over the last month, Stefan Christoff has been working with musicians, activists, artists and academics around the world to create a series of grassroots radio broadcasts to support Palestinian human rights and to voice our collective opposition to the Israeli state's bombardment of Gaza.

This series of collective broadcasts has been airing on the Palestinian radio broadcast project, Radio AlHara, which is based in Bethlehem.

These broadcasts include many voices from the Concordia community. Tune-in and explore the material:

Here is a listing of all the contributors for the first broadcast which you can listen to here

Here is a listing of all the contributors for the second broadcast which you can listen to here.

Here is a beautiful graphic from Berlin based artist Susanna Gonzo.  

Love for Palestine by Susanna Gonzo

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