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2020 Graduate Student Awards

Posted on June 22, 2020
Congratulations to two of our MA students who have been awarded SSHRC fellowships!!

Olivia Schultz has been awarded a SSHRC fellowship in support of her MA research project entitled “Kissing Purity Goodbye? A Critical Rhetorical Analysis of Former Evangelical Purity Leader Joshua Harris, and Evangelical Response.”

Jordan Molot's SSHRC-supported MA project aims to locate sensory experience in the production of Jewish bodies by analysing archival materials and oral histories of a Jewish bathhouse in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montréal. He is particularly interested in contrasting bodily discourses in early Jewish studies with feelings of heat, sweat, water, and desire within this space. Congratulations to both of these outstanding students!!

Three of our PhD students have been awarded FQRSC fellowships!!

We are delighted to announce these awards granted to our doctoral students. Arwa Hussain has been awarded an FQRSC PhD fellowship for her thesis project on “Digital Entrepreneurship among Dawoodi Bohra Women: Balancing Religion and Modernity.” Sheridan Polinsky, who is beginning his doctoral studies this fall has been given an FQRSC fellowship for his project entitled "A study of the mystical thought of the Shadhili Sufi Ibn Mughayzil (d. 1488-9)." Ali Smears was awarded an FQRSC PhD fellowship for her research project, in which she examines formulations of feminist Hindu identity by a selection of Indian artists whose work is displayed and circulated through social media. Congratulations to these three great PhD students!!


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