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More than one fifth of Canadians are foreign-born - Radio-Canada interview with Mireille Paquet

October 25, 2017

Mireille Paquet (Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and Co-director of the Centre for Immigration Policy Evaluation at Concordia University) was interviewied by Radio-Canada on the rising proportion of Canadians who are born in another country based on the 2016 census released by Statistics Canada. 

Dr. Paquet gave her imput in regards to concerns about Canada's capacity to "absorb" the country's growing number of immigrants: "[l]a sélection ne peut jamais simplement en elle-même s’assurer d’une bonne intégration des immigrants. Il faut aussi qu’il y ait des politiques qui les aident lorsqu’ils arrivent."

To hear the complete segment and interview, visit the following link:

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