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Newsletter - December 2023

December 13, 2023

Source: MIGS


MIGS’ Senior Distinguished Fellow Lt-General Roméo Dallaire published a new book titled “The Peace: A Warrior's Journey”

On 22-28 November, Kyle Matthews traveled to London and Brussels to participate in several global conferences and to meet parliamentarians, civil society groups as well as tech and human rights experts. As part of MIGS’ Global Parliamentary Alliance Against Atrocity Crimes, Kyle had meetings at the British Parliament with Lord David Alton, MIGS Fellow Ewelina Ochab, James Joseph (Duty Legacy Project) and Andy Bailey (All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide). He also visited Chatham House where he met civil society experts to discuss MIGS’ newly formed Global Task Force to Counter Digital Authoritarianism.

MIGS’ Executive Director Kyle Matthews and Program Coordinator Marie Lamensch participated in the Canadian Internet Governance Forum 2023. You can now watch Kyle Matthew’s panel here. The policy report from the discussions will be published in February 2024.

Congratulations to MIGS’ former student fellow and Concordia journalist graduate Bogdan Lytvynenko who has been appointed a Rhodes Scholar.


24 November

Kyle Matthews and Marie Lamensch co-signed a call for action to prevent genocide in Darfur issued by the Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights.

8 December

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Genocide Convention and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, of which MIGS is a member, published a statement demanding a recommitment to these landmark documents.

11 December 

To mark International Human Rights Day, MIGS and 44 civil society groups co-signed a letter urging governments to adopt import bans against products made using forced Uyghur labor.

Kyle Matthews joined over 100 parliamentarians and human rights experts in submitting a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for jailed Uyghur academic Ilhan Tohti.

Upcoming Events

18-19 December

Kyle Matthews will travel to participate in the Freedom Online Coalition’s Global Task Force on AI and Human Rights. The meeting is sponsored by the German Foreign Ministry.

Recent Events

25 November 

Kyle Matthews was a delegate at a conference titled “New Frontiers in Evidence: The Admission of User Generated and Open Source Material” hosted by The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple in London.

27-28 November

Kyle Matthews spoke and participated in the International Conference on Justice and Accountability for the War in Ukraine hosted at the Belgian Parliament and  the European Parliament. The event was organized by the Ukrainian Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute. 


29 November

Senior Distinguished Fellow Romeo Dallaire gave a lecture at Albert College where he spoke about Canada’s peacekeeping missions.

MIGS Fellow Mark Kersten spoke before the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development in Ottawa about Canada’s commitment to international law and to the prosecution of international crimes. His testimony is available here.

29-30 November

Marie Lamensch attended a two-day conference titled “Attention: Understanding and Shaping the Digital Media Ecosystem“ organized by the Canadian Digital Media Research Network at McGill University. 

2-3 December

MIGS Fellows Ewelina Ochab and Mark Kersten spoke at the International Conference on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity organized by Northern Justice Watch in Toronto.

4-11 December

MIGS Senior Fellow David Donat Cattin participated in the twenty-second session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

5 December

Marie Lamensch attended an event titled “Under the Shadow: Unpacking Foreign Interference in Canada” organized by the Chaire Raoul Dandurand at UQAM.

6 December

MIGS, in collaboration with the CIC Montreal, hosted “Democracy Drinks”, an informal networking event bringing together active citizens and members of NGOs, international institutions, think tanks, national governments, and academia. 

In the Media

22 November

Ewelina Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “Rape And Sexual Violence In Manipur, India”.

25 November

MIGS Fellow Andrei Serbin Pont is quoted in a EurAsian Times article titled “US F-16 “Knocks Out” China’s JF-17 From Argentine Fighter Deal As Javier Milei Vows No Business With Beijing?”. 

Ewelina Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “Violence Against Women And Girls Today: One Killed Every 11 Minutes”.

28 November

MIGS Fellow Dr. Ekkehard Strauss was interviewed by the The German Center for Research and Innovation ahead of his participation at the online event titled  #DWIHzeitgeist – Science Diplomacy in Practice on February 1, 2024. 

30 November

Ewelina Ochab published an article in Forbes titled “Darfur: Another Genocide 20 Years Later?”

1 December

Andrei Serbin Pont is quoted in an article in Foreign Policy titled “Will COP28 Jump-Start Latin America’s Green Energy Ambitions?”.

4 December

Mark Kersten published a new article on his blog Justice in Conflict titled “Double standards on accountability must be called out and resisted, no matter who pushes them”.

5 December

MIGS Fellow Joana Cook joined The Debate panel on FRANCE24 the link between mental health and terrorism following a recent attack in Paris. You can find the full discussion below.  

Joana also co-wrote a Lawfare article with Thomas Renard titled “Is the Israel-Hamas War Spilling Over Into Europe?” 

7 December 

Ewelina Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “Russia-Affiliated Military Personnel Charged In The United States”.

8 December

MIGS Fellow Naomi Kikoler was a guest on the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect’s podcast Expert Voices on Atrocity Prevention.

Ewelina Ochab published an article in Forbes titled “The Genocide Convention And The Failed Promise Of Never Again”.

9 December

On the 75th anniversary of the Genocide Convention, Ewelina Ochab spoke to the CBC about the legal definition of genocide and current examples of genocide.

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