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August 18, 2020
Source: MIGS


MIGS, in partnership with Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes, will be hosting a virtual series titled “Decoding Hate Speech”.  Register for the first event on 1 September featuring Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire (Founder of the Child Soldiers Initiative and MIGS Distinguished Fellow), Mô Bleeker (Special Envoy for Dealing with the Past and Atrocity Prevention at the Swiss Federal Department of Federal Affairs), and  Katarzyna Gardapkhadze (Officer in Charge, OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights).

MIGS  recently joined the Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region, a coalition of civil society organisations and trade unions, united to end state-sponsored forced labour and other egregious human rights abuses against people from the Uyghur Region in China.  The call was covered by various news outlets, including by The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, Vox, the International Business Times, and  the Bangkok Post.

Past Events

On 31 July, MIGS, in partnership with Yazda,  hosted a panel discussion to mark the 6th anniversary of the Yazidi Genocide. The event featured Ahmed Shaheed (UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief), Natia Navrouzov (Yazda), Hala Safil (Yazidi Survivor Network) and Nicolette Waldman (Amnesty International). The video of the discussion can be found on  MIGS’ YouTube channel and as a podcast episode.

On 30 July, Kyle Matthews participated in an online discussion hosted by the Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention and the Environment & Development Resource Centre titled "Towards a Multipolar Task Force to Prevent Mass Atrocities."



MIGS spoke to Jean-Nicolas Beuze, the United Nations Refugee Agency representative in Yemen, about the ongoing conflict, how COVID19 is affecting Yemen and how the UNHCR has shifted its operations. Listen to the interview on Apple Podcast or GooglePlay.

MIGS discussed the continued persecution of the Rohingya in Myanmar and legal developments at the International Court of Justice with Param Preet Singh, associate director in the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch. The interview is available on Youtube , Apple Podcast and Google Play

MIGS spoke to Kareem Shaheen about the explosion in Beirut, the war in Syria and the future of the Middle East. Kareem  is a journalist and former The Guardian correspondent for the Middle East. The interview is available on Youtube , Apple Podcast and Google Play

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18 August

MIGS joined over 70 human rights organization in signing an open letter to US, British and American officials calling for these three countries to coordinate their efforts in using targeted sanctions against Chinese officials responsible for the persecution of the Uighurs.

7 August

In commemoration of the Assyrian Genocide, MIGS co-signed a statement calling on Iraq to recognize the Simele Massacre and take urgent steps to investigate suspected mass grave sites related to the massacre.

In the media

9 July

MIGS’ Project Coordinator Marie Lamensch wrote three articles in the Canadian Encyclopedia: Canada and Responsibility to Protect; Canada’s Feminist Foreign Policy; and The Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations.

10 July

MIGS’s Digital Fellow Dr. Joana Cook spoke about a gender approach to women’s role in the online extremist sphere on Tech Against Terrorism’s new podcast.

17 July
MIGS Fellow Mark Kersten published a new blog post titled “Voices for International Justice, a Video Gallery for International Justice Day.”

20 July
Marie Lamensch was quoted in a Libération article titled « Ouïghours : l’entrave aux naissances, un critère de génocide. »

MIGS Digital Fellow Phil Gurski published a new blog post titled “A rare insight into Canada’s most secretive spy agency.”

22 July

Marie Lamensch was quoted in a La Presse article titled Soudan: la CPI pourra-t-elle juger l’ex-dictateur Omar el-Béchir?

MIGS’s Digital Fellow Marc Andre Argentino was quoted in a EuroNews article titled “QAnon: Twitter bans 7,000 accounts linked to conspiracy theory group.”

24 July

Media wrote a profile of MIGS’s Digital Fellow Anne Speckhard in an article titled “Dr. Anne Speckhard, the Woman Who Faces Down Terrorists.”

26 July

MIGS Fellow Ewelina Ochab published an article in Forbes titled A Human Rights Body Calls Upon States To Take Legal Actions Against China For Its Atrocities Against Uighur Muslims.”  

28 July

MIGS Fellow Naomi Kikoler was quoted in article published on Vox titled “Concentration camps and forced labor: China’s repression of the Uighurs, explained.”

Marc Andre Argentino and his colleague Amarnath Amarasigam published an article titled “The QAnon Conspiracy Theory: A Security Threat in the Making?” in the CT Sentinel Journal. Marc Andre also spoke about QAnon in Canada on the podcast Canadaland.

30 July

MIGS Fellow Mark Kersten wrote a new post on his blog Justice in Conflict titled “This is a Circus” – Technical Difficulties Undermine ICC Prosecutor Interviews”

1 August

MIGS Fellow Ewelina Ochab published an article in Forbes titled “The Chinese Communist Party’s Fall From Grace Over Mass Atrocities In Xinjiang.”

3 August

MIGS Youth Fellow Emmanuelle Fahey published an article in The Hill Times titled “COVID-19: once again, Indigenous communities are failed by North American governments.”

MIGS Fellow Ewelina Ochab published an article in Forbes titled “Six Years Ago They Came To Destroy But Faced No Legal Consequences.”

MIGS’ Digital Fellow Anne Speckhard published an article on the blog Modern Diplomacy titled “ISIS and the Militant Jihad on Instagram.”

4 August

MIGS Digital Fellow Marc-André Argentino was quoted in a Vice article titled “Terrorism Experts Say QAnon Conspiracy Theory a Threat to National Security.”

Anne Speckhard was quoted in a Voice of America article titled “US Action Against IS Financier Shows Jihadists’ Cash Flow Continues from Turkey.”

13 August
MIGS Digital Fellow Marc-André Argentino was quoted in La Presse in an article titled “QAnon, kessé ça ?”

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