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29 April - 18 May 2016

Media Monitoring Report for Zimbabwe
Posted on May 19, 2016


Compiled by MIGS Desk Officer for Zimbabwe

  1. Politics and human rights
  2. Economy
1. Political Violence
State-Owned Media

Zimbabwe: Chimene Dismisses Violence Claims, 2016-05-02, The Herald

  • ‘’Provincial Affairs Minister for Manicaland Province Cde Mandi Chimene last week dismissed claims of political violence in Chiendambuya area that were made by Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe leader Mr Elton Mangoma’’
  • Mangoma claims seven homes belonging to supporters for Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe were razed by ZANU-pf members
  • In an interview, Cde Chimene said no report attributed the local infighting with political affiliation.
Independent Media

Zimbabwe in ‘Grave Danger’ of Political Violence, 2016-04-29, The Atlantic Council (Foreign media)

  • Former Education Minister said there was a ‘’serious political vaccum’’ in the country
  • Coltart began working in Zimbabwe as an activist during the ‘’ Gukurahundi massacres’’ and received several death threats after joining the opposition party MDC.
  • “Although he is amazingly energetic for ninety-two, he is immensely out of touch,” Coltart said of Mugabe

Jestina Mukoko, the desert flower who dare break the deafening silence to speak truth to power, 09-05-2016, Bulawayo24 

  • In her new book,  Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) national director Jestina Mukoko details ‘corrupt and murderous reign of terror’ of Mugabe’s regime
  • "Mukoko's harrowing testament is contained in the book The Abduction and Trial of Jestina Mukoko - The Fight for Human Rights in Zimbabwe." - See more at:
  • Among other revelations, the author Jestina Mukoko accuses the government of using state organs to plan and execute kidnappings, perpetuate various acts of intimidation and ‘’ deny the people their freedoms and rights’’

Mliswa scoffs at Kasukuwere threats, 2016-05-09, Nehandra Radio  

  • Temba Mliswa, a former Zanu PF member, now Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (Yard) pressure group, dismissed threats to seize his farm.
  • Temba Milsaw was evicted from the party after announcing his intention to campaign as an independent member.
  • M. Milsaw’s properties, which include service station, a restaurant, a thriving farm and a lodge, were all brought to a halt as a group of youth organized a protestation to voice their discontent.
  • If you pick a quarrel with Zanu PF you must be prepared for a big fight because we hit where it hurts the most),” Kasukuwere said

Chombo threat heralds return of State-sponsored violence, 2016-05-02, News Day 

  • Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo warned opposition activists that any demonstration against new government bond notes would be met with violence
  • ‘’ What Chombo’s warning betrays is that the government is fully aware that the bond notes are infinitely unpopular and the MDC-T demonstration is bound to be fully subscribed and show that authorities are out of touch with the people.’’
  • In the meantime, ZANU-pf plans to hold its own demonstration in favor of their party leader

Violence feared at Million Men March, 2016-05-19, Zimbabwe Daily 

  • There is growing fear that an outbreak of violence may occur on Africa Day after after party youths aligned to  Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said they ‘’would start mobilising Zanu PF structures and supporters to block the much-hyped “million-man march” that is slated for May 25’’


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