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22-28 March 2016

Media Monitoring Report for Zimbabwe
Posted on April 1, 2016


Compiled by MIGS Desk Officer for Zimbabwe

  1. Political tensions and violence
1. Political tensions and violence
Independent Media

Zimbabwe: Zim VP Mulling Legal Action Against Ex-Minister Over 'Massacre' Claims, March 22, 2016, News24Wire

  • Zimbabwean presidential hopeful Emmerson Mnangagwa was accused in a recently published book to have incited the notorious Gukurahundi massacres in Zimbabwe.
  • Mnangagwa’s lawyers are currently considering whether or not to sue
  • Almost 20 000 Zimbabweans were killed during the 1983-1987 in the Gukurahundi massacres

Zimbabwe: War veterans Join List of Violence Victims, Says ZPP, March 26, 2016, NewZimbabwean

  • A new report by the Zimbabwe Peace Project shows 20% of violence victims in Zimbabwe are now war veterans
  • Although MDC-T have usually seen the highest number of violence cases, ZANU-pf infighting have marginalized the war veterans
  • Earlier in February, police dispersed a war veteran meeting with water cannons and teargas

Partisan Zimbabwe police slammed, March 23, 2016, IOL

  • During a ceremony to commemorate the International Day for the Right to Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and For the Dignity of Victims, victims spoke out about the complicity of the police over abuses by ZANU-pf against the opposition.
  • The commemorations were organised by the National Transitional Justice Working Group Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Counselling Services Unit.

Zimbabwe deploys police to diamond mines amid reports of violence allegations, March 25, 2016, Cihan

  • Zimbabwe's Mines Minister confirmed police have been deployed to six diamond mining sites after allegations of theft and looting.
  • The minister added the miners had been sent homes.
  • In the meantime, the government has created the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company to take over the mines after failure to find an ownership accord with the six firms.


State-owned media

De-Campaigning Zim throught Falsehoods, March 27, 2016, The Herald

  • Opposition leaders have become overly dependent on disinformation on their campaign to take power.
  • More recently, the opposition has used import images to discredit the government, the latest of which was a pictured of road covered with potholes, that has circulated widely across the country
  • Similar falsehoods have indulged international developments reports in ranking Zimbabwe the poorest country in the world, when a close look at the methodology detail reveals how little ground these studies actually hold

Suspected Zanu-PF chairman arrested, March 28, 2016, The Chronicle

  • Masvingo provincial chairman Ezra Chadzamira was arrested for obstructing a Messenger of Court from executing an eviction order at Mashava Mine
  • The Messenger of Court was reportedly threatened with assault by illegal tenants and was asked to hand over the keys back to them

Tvansigrai trained bandits in South Africa, March 24, 2016, The Herald

  • A new book by former Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South David Coltart reveals opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2006 trained troops for a power takeover in Zimbabwe
  • M. Coltart says Tsvangirai has become paranoid with the party and tried to escalate violence in the country to take control of Zanu-PF

Perspective: Beware of Trojan Horses, March 26, 2016, The Chronicle

War veterans within the ZANU-pf are now suspected of being manipulated by foreign agents their vote of no confidence for the ZANU-pf leadership.

The supporters of the vote have endangered all that the government has built since the Independence War and should be considered enemies of the nation 

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