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September 2018

Media Monitoring Report for Venezuela
Posted on September 30, 2018

Compiled by Guillermo Glujovsky

1-    Overview: The Venezuelan exodus in numbers

2-    Xenophobic attacks towards Venezuelan

3-    United Nations resolution condemns abuses and call for humanitarian aid

1-    Overview

The Venezuelan exodus it is the biggest movement of people in Latin America’s recent history. About 2.3 millions Venezuelans have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Below a list (provided by the United Nations Refugee Agency) of the quantity of Venezuelans who flew to different countries since 2014:

-       To Colombia: 1,000,000

-       To Peru: 395,000

-       To Ecuador: 250.000

-       To Chile: 84,000

-       To Argentina: 78,000

-       To United States: 72,000

-       To Panama: 58,000

-       To Brazil: 58.000

-       To Spain: 40,000

-       To Mexico: 31,000

Source: The Economist and the Human Rights Watch


2-         Xenophobic attacks in Brazil towards Venezuelans

In an article titled “Blinded by Xenophobia”, Maria Laura Canineu (Director of Human Rights Watch - Brazil) urges Brazilian authorities to take decisive action against xenophobic attacks against Venezuelans. «… I heard of the August 18 attack against Venezuelans, said Maria Laura Canineu, in the border town of Pacaraima. Residents attacked Venezuelans living on the street, burnt their few possessions, and forced about 1,200 of them back into Venezuela. The police looked on and did nothing to stop the attack. In Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima state, Venezuelans living in shelters or on the street said some people insult them from passing cars; While the federal government has made significant efforts to respond to the inflow of people desperate for food, basic health care, and freedom, it needs to do much more to integrate Venezuelan refugees into society, including providing access to education. The government also needs to speed up its program to voluntarily relocate them to other states. But first, Brazilian authorities should take decisive action against xenophobic attacks … »

Source : Human Rights Watch

3-United Nations resolution condemns abuses and call for humanitarian aid

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s adoption of a resolution on Venezuela on September 27, 2018 signals the growing concern by governments worldwide about the country’s human rights and humanitarian crisis.

The resolution expresses deep concern about human rights violations in Venezuela. It says that the Venezuelan government should open its doors to humanitarian assistance to address “scarcity of food and medicine, the rise of malnutrition” and « the outbreak of diseases ».


Source: Human Rights Watch


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