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8-14 February 2016

Media Monitoring Report for Uganda
Posted on February 19, 2016


Compiled by Emma Allison Howie

  1. Violence in Upcoming Elections
  2. Lack of Information on Elections for the Public
  3. Controversy over Shaka Ssali’s presence at the Presidential Debate
1. Violence in Upcoming Elections
Government-Owned Media

New Vision, February 9th 2016 – Police summons Otafiire, rival after supporters clash

  • Police has summoned the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Gen. Kahinda Otafiire and his political rival Capt. Dononzio Kahonda.
  • The clashes took place at Ekisementi trading center in Kashenshero sub county town council in Mitooma district as Kahonda, the NRM party flag bearer was on his way to hold a rally in Kashenshero town council. Otafiire's home is a few meters away from Kashenshero town council.  
  • Police in Mitooma have so far detained up to 17 persons suspected to have been ringleaders of the ugly clashes.
Privately-Owned Media

The Daily Monitor, February 11th 2016 – Nantaba accuses RDC of intimidation

  • State minister of Lands Idah Nantaba and the parliamentary candidate for Ntenjeru South, Mr Fred Baseke, have accused the Kayunga Resident District Commissioner, Ms Rose Birungi, and security personnel in the district of intimidating their supporters.
  • “Many of my supporters have been arrested over trumped up charges whereas those of my competitor are carrying out acts of violence on my supporters but they have been left to go scot free,” Ms Nantaba complained.
  • “My campaign posters in Kangulumira town were all pulled down on the eve of the president’s campaign rally in the area,” Mr Baseke said, adding: “I am now fearing for my life and I ask for the intervention of the Electoral Commission. How can such intimidation go on with police just looking on?”

The Daily Monitor, February 10th 2016 – 25 injured as Otafiire, Kahonda supporters fight

  • At least 25 people including two police officers were injured in a fight between supporters of Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire and Capt (Rtd) Donozio Kahonda, both contestants for the Ruhinda parliamentary seat.
  • Capt Kahonda, who defeated the Constitutional Affairs minister in the NRM primaries says he was heading to Kashenshero with his supporters for campaigns when their convoy of motorcycles was blocked by a group of people belonging to Gen Otafiire’s camp at around 3pm. When the group refused to give way, fighting started.
  • Greater Bushenyi regional police commander Micheal Musani Sabila said 17 people have been arrested in connection with the fight where five vehicles belonging to Capt Kahonda’s group were also destroyed. 
Ten motorcycles belonging to Gen Otafiire’s group were impounded and are being kept at Kashenshero police station.
2. Lack of Information on Elections for the Public
Privately-Owned Media

The Daily Monitor, February 9th 2016 – Residents not aware of Voter Location Slips

  • With just five days left for the close of the issuance of Voter Location Slips (VLS), many citizens say they have not been educated about the extra document issued by the Electoral Commission (EC) to enable them know where they will cast their vote from.
  • A survey conducted by Daily Monitor in various parts of the country also shows that while some voters names appear on the national register, they don’t have VLS and those that have them at parish level where they are issued, don’t appear on the register.


3. Controversy over Shaka Ssali’s presence at the Presidential Debate
Privately-Owned Media

The Daily Monitor, February 12th 2016 – NRM, debate organisers in stalemate of Shaka Ssali

  • Retired High Court Judge, James Ogoola has said National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s demand to drop journalist Shaka Ssali from the Presidential Debate moderation team remains a fluid issue with no decision taken yet.
  • RM, among other demands asked the debate organisers to make sure that the moderation team is composed of neutral people, pointing out Shaka Ssali, saying he is a publicly known critic of NRM.
  • NTV has the exclusive rights of airing the debate with the option of other media channels picking a live feed from the Serena-based television station.
  • At the meeting Mr Kiwanuka played recorded clips, which allegedly contained Shaka Ssali’s voice criticising NRM. Other conditions such as allowing all media houses to air the debate as well as allowing President Museveni’s security team to vet all the guests that will attend the debate were also advanced.

The Red Pepper, February 13th 2016 – DEAL: Shaka Ssali will not be allowed to Interrogate President Museveni

  • President Museveni will attend today’s second round of the presidential debate but Voice of America’s Straight Talk Africa host Shaka Ssali will not be allowed to interrogate Museveni, a highly placed source has revealed.
  • The NRM team argued that Shaka Ssali is anti-Museveni. The NRM team argued that Shaka Ssali is subjective towards the government and they also claimed that he has been labelling NRM government as “corrupt.”
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