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January 30-February 19, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Uganda
Posted on February 20, 2015
Allegations of Museveni Suppressing Opposition
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Daily Monitor, February 19, 2015 – I am not threatened by Museveni, says Dr Kiyingi

  • Inspector General of Police (IGP) Gen Kale Kayihura says the government could seek the help of Interpol to arrest the Australian-based Ugandan cardiologist, Dr Aggrey Kiyingi
    • Allegations of involvement in rebel activities
    • Medic has denied the accusations in a video that was posted on You-tube.
  • In a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday, Dr Kiyingi said government had fabricated charges against him because of his 2016 presidential bid
  • Statement: “I have never financed the killing of any Muslim cleric in Uganda. I have never had any dealings with the ADF and I have never financed the ADF. I have never formed or been associated with the alleged Federal Alliance rebel group. I have never been involved in terrorism. It is now common knowledge and I would like to confirm that I intend to stand against Mr Museveni in the 2016 presidential elections. To this end, my team of dedicated and vigilant supporters has been traversing the country in a pre-marketing campaign, distributing my political platform business cards as a prelude to my coming back to Uganda to register and launch my political platform.” – Dr. Kiyingi
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The Uganda Observer, February 18, 2015 – Dr. Kiyingi: Rebel or Politician

  • 2006 High court acquittal in the murder of his wife, Australia-based Ugandan cardiologist announced his next course of action to sue government for malicious prosecution
  • Government did not respond immediately but his passport was still in the custody of so Kiyingi could not leave the country until he stated his intention to withdraw the case
  • Kiyingi, 60, has flip-flopped or backtracked on a number of issues, a review of documents and articles written about him reveals. This has made it difficult to discern the real intention behind many of his actions.
  • Kiyingi has been at the centre of two important developments. He was linked to 18 members of the Tabliq Muslim faction accused in the recent killings, currently facing murder and terrorism charges in court. He announced that he would take on President Museveni in the 2016 general election
  • Charges, he said, are aimed at forestalling his ascendency to the presidency, because “Museveni fears me.” LRA Developments
Police Abuses
Privately-Owned Media

Daily Monitor, February 18, 2015 – Police suspend 12 over abuse of office

  • 12 senior police officers have been suspended for neglecting their duties and/or abuse
  • One regional police commander, four district/division commanders, officers in charge of stations.
  • Spokesperson, Mr Fred Enanga, said the suspensions are in accordance with the objective to have a professional police force
  • The Busoga North commander was suspended and prosecuted after shooting a village leader in its jurisdiction.
  • MP Muwanga Kivumbi, also the shadow minister of internal affairs, said the suspensions could increase. “Ours isn’t a police force. It is a militia, an appendix of the ruling party. Apparently, suspensions won’t be the first or the last,” Mr Muwanga said
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