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March 20-26, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Uganda
Posted on March 26, 2014
Lord’s Resistance Army
State owned Media

March 24, 2014, United States State Department Daily Press Briefing - U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing: Egypt, Uganda

  • An excerpt from the Daily Press Briefing of the United States State Department has been released and it contains interesting information regarding United States deploying additional forces to help Uganda in their search for LRA leader Joseph Kony
  • Ms. Harf the spokesperson in the briefing explains the United States decision in deploying additional troops to Uganda
  • She explains that even though the United States has shifted funding and is opposed to Uganda’s recent anti-homosexuality bill they are committed to insuring justice for human rights atrocities committed by the LRA and Joseph Kony.
  • In the briefing Ms. Harf gives a detailed explanation of what the United States is doing to support the LGBT community in Uganda as well as help in the search for Joseph Kony
  • The briefing can be found here:

  • Additional information on the United States support and help in searching for Kony can be found here:

March 24, 2014, Voice of America – U.S. Sending More Special Forces, Planes to Uganda in Kony Hunt

  • The United States deploy additional help to Uganda to continue the search for the rebel group LRA leader Joseph Kony
  • In addition to sending 150 special forces to Uganda the United States, as reported by the Washington Post also sent an aircraft to assist African forces in their continuing search
  • The new deployment is expected to occur this week
  • "One of our greatest difficulties, one of our greatest problems has been airlifts, our ability to airlift personnel and materiel has been limited, but now with this deployment its going to be solved," said Ugandan military spokesman Paddy Ankunda
  • Joseph Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity including murder and sexual enslavement

Domestic, privately owned Media

March 20, The Observer – Mbabazi 'Journalists' Under Fire

  • A list posted on social media which includes the names of 150 journalists who have come under fire for allegedly promoting Mbabazi
  • The national coordinator of Human Rights Network for Journalists-Uganda, a media rights activist group has expressed his concern stating,"We are extremely concerned with the superfluous and uncalled-for politicisation and criminalisation of the media by labelling the journalists 'pro-Mbabazi' to mean that they [are] supporters of Amama Mbabazi,"
  • Since these allegations have come forward many journalists have been unable to have any of their stories published and are uncertain about the future of their employment 
  • Mbabazi has denied being behind the mobilization of the media

Amnesty Act and Rebel activity
Domestic, privately owned Media

March 23, 2014, The Observer – Amnesty Act Encourages Rebel Activity – Govt

  • An Amnesty Act was passed in hopes of deterring Rebel activity but since it’s passing it seems to have encouraged rebel activity
  • An appeal was made by Principal State Attorney Patricia Mutesi stating that the act is unconstitutional as it promotes rebellion activity
  • Principal State Attorney Patricia Mutesi is also seeking an appeal to stop the release of former LRA commander Col Thomas Kwoyelo from Luzira prison
  • Kwoyelo was charged with numerous crimes as commander of the LRA including murder and kidnapping
  • He was not prosecuted under the War Crimes division as he granted Amnesty because he denounced the LRA
  • Mutesi is appealing the Amnesty Act as it impedes the trial of rebels and people can knowingly join a rebellion and not get tried for it as they can receive amnesty

Human Rights
Domestic, privately owned Media

March 25, 2014, The Observer – Human Rights Report Pins Oil Firms On Sexual Harassment

  • Last week a report called “Oil in Uganda: Emerging Human Rights Issues” was released
  • It highlights human rights violations happening in the emerging petroleum industry in Uganda
  • The reports reveal a series of human rights violations such as: delayed compensation, sexual harassment, coercion of the affected residents to accept unfair compensation rates
  • Without naming oil companies, the report states: "A case in point is where failure to prepare for the influx of mostly male construction workers results in increased sexual exploitation of or abuse against local women and children. There were several allegations of sexual harassment within oil camps,"
  • "In Buliisa district, people are selling communal land, without following proper procedures as provided by law," the report notes while noting many instances of irregular land sales.
  • The report published by Uganda Human Rights Commission can be found here:

Uganda and South Sudan
Domestic, privately owned Media

March 25, 2014, The Observer – Ugandan’s in South Sudan are no angels

  • An interview with Byron Kinene, the chairperson of the Regional Lorry Drivers and Transporters Association interviewed with Justus Lyatuu
  • He explains in his interview how the Ugandans presence and behaviour in South Sudan has worsened the situation
  • Kinene describes the situation for the traders working in South Sudan and Uganda, he explains that both South Sudan and Uganda traders are being mistreated
  • The complete interview which discusses the unhappiness of traders can be found here:

Uganda and Al-Shabaab

March 26, 2014, Today’s World News – YouTube Channel – Somalia’s battle against Al-Shabab militants

  • According to this YouTube video, Somalia’s government wouldn’t stand a chance without the Ugandan troops which are there to help fight off the AlShabab militants
  • Africa has become the new frontlines in combating Al-Qaeda as one of their organizations Al-Shabab, also known as “The Boys,” are in Somalia, Nigeria and Mali
  • The video features BBC international correspondents and provides a first hand look at the ground conflict in Somalia


It is interesting to see that this week in the state owned media, notably New Vision there is no report of the human rights crimes being committed in connection with the development of the oil industry. The only reports linked to the oil industry reported in government-owned newspaper New Vision this week discuss the growing economy. 

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