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19-26 November, 2015

Domestic Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on November 27, 2015


Compiled by Kitty Shepard

  1. Human Rights
  2. Politics
  3. Darfur
  4. South Kordofan
1. Human Rights
Domestic Media

Nearly 2 million children in Sudan malnourished (23rd November 2015, News 24)

  • UNICEF released a report on the humanitarian situation in Sudan.
  • 2 million children under 5 suffer from malnutrition every year.
  • 550,000 children suffer from life-threatening malnutrition which has caused underdevelopment.
  • The Red sea state and north Darfur state are the areas with the highest malnutrition rates.
  • Poor sanitation and deteriorating health of mothers are two key factors which have contributed to this high number.
  • 150,000 severely malnourished children are taken in by UNICEF relief teams.
  • UNICEF have asked the Sudanese government and donor community to donate more money to target this problem and improve the quality of life for Sudanese people.
Foreign Media  

UN official arrives in Sudan to assess impact of US sanctions  (24th November 2015, Middle East monitor)

  • A UNHCR official arrived in Khartoum to evaluate the effect US sanctions have had on Sudan.
  • Justice Minister, Judge Tahani Tural-Dabba met the official to discuss the rejection of the sanctions imposed by the US.
  • The Sudanese officials stated that the sanctions impeded the state’s ability to provide necessary services to civilians and violated human rights.
  • The UNHCR will meet with government and civil society officials to discuss the impact of sanctions.


2. Politics
Foreign Media  

Sudan peace talks break without deal: African Union (24th November 2015, AFP)

  • Peace negotiations held last week, between Sudan’s government and rebel forces did not conclude in a sufficient agreement.
  • The objective was to achieve a ceasefire which would enable aid to reach civilians in rebel territory.
  • The AU mediator Thabo Mbeki has not released a date for the next round of negotiations.
  • As the humanitarian crisis escalates in Sudan the failure to negotiate an effective peace deal means civilians face months of continued violence.

Rampant persecution escalates in Sudan (24th November 2015, American Center for Law and Justice)

  • Christians in Sudan have experienced extreme oppression from the Sudanese government.
  • Systematic destruction of Churches and community buildings has taken place.
  • As the state operates on Shari’ah law the Christians have no legal protection.
  • Those who speak out against the destruction of churches or oppression of faith are interrogated by the regime and often detained.
Domestic/Regional Media

Bid to re-unite factions in Sudan’s NUP  (25th November 2015, Radio Dabanga

  • A Nation Umma Party (NUP) representative announced that the party is attempting to unite the various fractions of the party.
  • The NUP wish to consolidate they party to make them an active political player.
  • The split occurred when Al-Fadil defected in 2002 to create the Umma Reform and Renewal Party (URRP) who aspired to participate in government.
  • However, the NUP wanted to remain removed from the government, as they believed the NCP were not democratically elected.
  • In January 2016 a convention will be held to reconcile the party and become an active player in the political sphere.
Foreign Media 

Sudan security forces detain opposition leader  (25th November 2015, Reuters )

  • Members of the National Consensus Forces and opposition coalition were detained by government officials this week.
  • The representatives were from the opposition groups of President Al-Bashir’s National Congress Party.
  • No reason has been given for these arrests and the location of these members is currently unknown.
  • Three members were arrested and detained by government forces. 
3. Darfur
Domestic/Regional Media

‘Militia attacks continue’: Darfur framers (24th November 2015, Radio Dabanga, non-state media)

  • The East Jebel Marra area have reported that militia attacks have continued for consecutive weeks.
  • Farmers, displaced people and civilians have been implicated in the assaults.
  • The militiamen have looted farmers and raped women.
  • Their campaign of terror has been widespread and left civilians without necessities.
  • The lack of rainfall has made these attacks more devastating as Ressources are sparse.
  • In October alone 10 cases were reported to Radio Dabanga.


Domestic media

Sudanese army to raise the state of alert in war areas (25th November 2015, Sudan Tribune)

  • The Sudanese army have stated that they will prepare for offenses in Darfur, South Kodorfan and Blue Nile regions.
  • The defense minister Awad Ibn Ouf stated that the government forces have stated they plan to lead an offensive to recapture Kauda held by the SPLM-N rebel forces.
  • Increased security will be applied to the eastern southern border and northern borders.
  • The operations would be carried out with close proximity with the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).
  • Rebel pockets in the Blue Nile state would also be targeted to prevent the rebels spreading into Ingassana Hills.
  • For the 2016 military plan the defense minister also committed the government forces to mediating tribal conflicts.
  • A complete overhaul of the army will take place with the recruitment of qualified capable personnel to elevate a modern army to protect Sudan’s vision for the future. 
4. South Kordofan
Domestic/Regional Media

South Kodorfan students expelled from their dorms (24th November 2015, Radio Dabanga, non-state media)

  • Students, the majority being of Darfuri origin, were expelled from the University of South Kodorfan this week.
  • Members and supporters of the NCP arrived to expel the students, after an ultimatum was requested.
  • This incident has left students displaced on the streets with no money or Ressources to travel to their family homes.
  • This situation has illuminated the poor conditions of the university housing as well.


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