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22-27 October, 2015

Domestic Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on October 30, 2015


Compiled by Kitty Shepard

  1. National Dialogue Discussions
  2. International Criminal Court
  3. Referendum
  4. UN World Food Program supplies looted
  5. Darfur
1. National Dialogue discussions.
“Sudan’s Bashir directs dialogue body to meet rebels” 27th October 2015, Sudan tribune, Domestic source
  • Opposition forces will meet with the national dialogue coordination committee this week.
  • All opposition parties who signed the agreement with the African Union High Implementation Panel (AUHIP) in 2014 will be present to negotiate the National Dialogue discussions.
  • The Sudanese revolutionary front (SRF) and the National Umma Party (NUP) will meet with the 7+7 committee.
  • The national dialogue is due to cover the extension of political freedom, strong lasting peace negotiations, humanitarian aid access and a straightforward political process.
  • Transparency and inclusion will be major themes in the opposition’s demands.
  • The process is thought to be started in earlier November.


2. ICC
Foreign Media

“ICC: India Should Hand Over Sudan's Bashir” 27th October 2015, Voice of America

  • The International Criminal Court have publically asked the Indian state to hand over President Al-Bashir on his expected visit to New Delhi for a summit.
  • The summit hopes to achieve stronger trade and investments to develop between the two regions of India and Africa.
  • India is not an ICC signatory therefore it is not obliged to arrest al-Bashir. However, it is a member of the United Nations so should respect the Security Council’s demand that all states cooperate with the ICC.
  • India has been urged to cooperate and bring justice to the people of Darfur.
  • After South Africa’s failure to arrest Al-Bashir earlier this year there is more pressure on the international community to detain this war criminal.
  • After China, India is the second biggest exporter to Sudan and creates an important bilateral trade, a large obstacle in bringing justice to Darfur. 
3. Referendum
Independent Media

“Sudanese MPs divided over Darfur referendum” 27th October 2015, Sudan tribune

  • The Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) was signed in 2011. The agreement specifies that the rebel movement and the government must decide whether to continue with the current arrangements for the Darfur area or consolidate the area into one region.
  • Al Bashir has said that the referendum is being planned for early next year.
  • He insured that this process will create a basis for transparent rational political system.
  • Critiques have spoken out emphasizing the cost of this referendum and that this process could cause refreshed violence in the area.
  •  It has also been noticed that this agreement could increase polarization of tribal groups in Darfur. 
4. UN Supplies looted
Private, independent source

“UN yet to confirm looting of supplies in W. Bahr el Ghazal” 27th October 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • United Nations World Food Program based in the south of Sudan has confirmed that several trucks carrying aid were looted.
  • An estimated 25.47 metric tonnes of aid was lost in the last month. In multiple accounts army personnel have been the forces looting the convoys.
  • Several trucks have gone missing in the last month. 
5. Darfur
Independent media

“'754 dead' from Darfur tribal strife in 2014” 27th October 2015, Radio Dabanga

  • 754 civilians have been killed in tribal conflicts since last year
  • The National Council for Strategic Planning (NCSP) in Sudan released figure this week
  • 537 people were killed in east Darfur where the violence was concentrated.
  • An estimated 24,000 families have been displaced by this violence.
  • President al-Bashir is to attend the meeting of the NCSP next week.


“Darfur crime overview: Armed robberies in Central, South Darfur” 26th October 2015, Radio Dabanga

  • Series of crimes have been reported throughout the province
  • Militiamen looted a market in south Darfur on the 8th October. Authorities stood witness as locals were beaten by militiamen.
  • A farmer was left in critical condition after being shot by militiamen.
  • School children have sustained wounds after Sudanese army personnel shot at them. As minors were revising by the school the forces fired at them.
  • They were transferred and treated at a local teaching hospital where three other patients had been targeted by militiamen or government forces.


“Victims of North Darfur tribal clashes need aid” 26th October 2015, Radio Dabanga 

  • Militiamen targeted the town of Mellit in North Darfur last Thursday
  • The town has been left without humanitarian aid.
  • Sixty families have been left without necessities of food, water, shelter, tents etc.
  • One person died during this clash and several endured.
  • These attacks have been numerous in the past month with locals feeling the full force of militia groups. 
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