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10-16 October, 2015

Domestic Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on October 16, 2015


Compiled by Kitty Shepard

  1. Turmoil in the ME strengths Sudan’s position
  2. Sudan to be removed terror list?
  3. Darfur
  4. Blue Nile Region
1. Turmoil in the ME strengths Sudan’s position
Foreign media

“Mideast Turmoil Strengthens Sudan’s Regime” 15th October 2015, Wall Street Journal

  • Turmoil in the Middle East has strengthened Sudan’s position as a stable power in this region.
  • The large revolts and civil wars happening around Sudan have subdued the oppositions call for change against the Bashir government.
  • No country wants to evolve into a situation similar to Libya or Syria.
  • Key leaders of opposition parties, such as Sudan Change Now, have expressed this opinion.
  • One major point to support the façade of calm and controlled governance is that, Khartoum is a calm metropolis unaffected by the battles happening in Darfur.
  • Chairman of the foreign-affairs committee of the Sudanese parliament described a level of satisfaction in the country with the government. Stating that the Sudanese state is currently being seen as a stable better of version of Arab governance.
  • Strict regulations by the Bashir government stop the civilian revolts and dissatisfactions of the population being seen or heard have kept the opposition oppressed.
  • If protests do break out necessities of power, food and water are cut off. The government have a strong hold on how to control its population through politics of fear and oppression.
  • Critics have called Bashir to use this as an opportunity to install peace and find concrete solutions to longstanding problems in the country.
  • Sudan remains a central state which connects various strands of terror groups.
  • Change is inevitable in this climate and the calm façade could soon shatter to reveal, once again, the oppressive machine al-Bashir is running. 
2. Sudan to be removed terror list?
Independent, domestic media

“Kerry says open to talks on removing Sudan from terror list” 15th October 2015, Radio Tamazuj

  • The Secretary of State has expressed a willingness to remove Sudan from the Terror list this week.
  • After a recent meeting with the Sudanese Foreign Minister Kerry has stated that if the situation in Blue Nile, and South Kodorfan and Darfur change then there could be a negotiation of taking Sudan off the Terror list.
  • Kerry stated that this had been approached before but the Sudanese government had continued attacks in these areas.
  • The United States have always remained on the boundary between seeing Sudan as an ally or terrorist state.
  • With a history of war crimes, crimes against humanity being led by the Sudanese government can they really change the dynamic of their government to improve relations with the U.S.?
3. Darfur
Independent, domestic media

“Boy of 13 abducted from North Darfur Camp “ 15th October 2015, Radio Dabanga.

  • The boy was taken from El Mawashi camp on Tuesday.
  • His family was originally displaced from the Kabkabiya locality.
  • His mother was brutally violated as her son was taken by militiamen this week.
  • The coordinator of the camp requested once again for increased assistance from UNAMID, UN and North Darfur authorities.

“Minors among six North Darfur rape victims” 15th October 2015, Radio Dabanga.

  • 3 separate incidents of rape occurred earlier this week in the Tawila locality.
  • Militiamen riding on camels attacked the women as they were working in farm land.
  • 3 women, including a minor, were gang raped in this area. 2 more were raped near Burra. Another three victims were alternatively raped in the area of Keira. 
  • The necessary reports were filed with the local police and the victims have appealed to UNAMID to intervene.
  • Many of these reports and requests for intervention were met with officials denying that their authority allowed them to prosecute these men.

“Darfur’s East Jebel Marra bombed, farms attacked” 15th October 2015, Radio Dabanga

  • Tawila locality located in North Darfur was attacked by Sudanese Air Force this week.
  • The attacks have been periodical over the last couple of weeks. Both the militia and new settlers have threatened farmer’s lands.
  • Barrel bombs were used to decimate areas east to the village which ruined farmland.
  • A series of looting and terror has created a forced migration of villagers from this area. The livestock was taken to the militiamen’s land and villagers were assaulted.
  • The report had been taken to the Tawila locality Commissioner but the office has yet to reply.
  • Locals who reported this violence have appealed to the UN and UNAMID to intervene and protect them from these government forces.
Foreign Media

“Sudan accused of withholding rations for Darfur peacekeepers” 14th October 2015, Reuters

  • The United Nations and Britain have accused the Sudanese government of limiting food rations and necessary supplies to the peacekeeping forces in Darfur.
  • The Sudanese government have had a history of blocking the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) access to materials or certain areas.
  • 190 containers of supplies have been held by the government.
  • With the possibility of famine developing in conflict areas these supplies are crucial.
  • The relations between these two institutions has become progressively worse since the UN investigation of a mass rape in November 2014.


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