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February 21-26, 2015

Domestic Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on February 26, 2015
Rise in tribal conflict creates shortages in South Darfur
Independent Media

Trial clashes blamed for food shortages, malnutrition in South Darfur 22nd February 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • Clashes between the Falata and Massailt tribes have created severe conditions of shortages in the South Darfur region.
  • Several villages were obliterated by the violence creating large displaced populations. A local administrator informed the source that 165 homes were destroyed, leaving the families exposed.
  • The local source described the lack of urgency of humanitarian aid to the area and that badly effected families are still not receiving the aid they need.
  • The community has tried to provide for the damaged and displaced but find limited resources for themselves.
  • The large displaced numbers and shortages have created an environment for disease and malnutrition.
  • Large military reinforcements were sent to neutralize the clashes between the tribes where 9 people died and 21 people were severely injured.
  • A preliminary ceasefire agreement has been negotiated by a local mediation committee. The last two years has seen an escalation in tribal conflicts in this area. Since 2013 thousands have died and 300,000 people have become displaced.
Tense relations between the LJM and Sudanese government forces.
Independent Media

LJM commanders demand full implementation of security arrangements in Darfur. 21st February 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • The former Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) have rejected the state sponsored Disarment, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) process. The LJM has expressed numerous dissatisfactions with the agreement.
  • The LJM split into two political parties: the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) chaired by Vhar Idriss Abu Garda and the National Liberation and Justice Movement (NLJM) directed by Tijani al-Sissi.
  • The parties demobilized releasing former combatants to join various military divergent in the Darfur region.
  • The former LJM members have expressed their disagreement with the former combatants being accepted into the state police and military groups, as the correct security standards agreed upon were not implemented.
  • The LJM have imposed a one month ultimatum for the government to agree on their terms of; compensation; payment of blood money to the martyrs of the movement and military equipment standards test and compensation.
  • If the government do not fulfill the requirements the LJM threatened to make a statement expressing the legitimate right of the military and police.
Continued threat to rape victims in South Kordofan
Independent Media

Rape Victim harassed in South Kordofan 22nd February 2015, Dabanga radio

  • The effects of rape has become a consequence of the escalating violence in the South Kordofan area.
  • A young woman now living in Rashad after the Popular Defense Force (PDF) occupied her village, reports 3 time daily to the security authority.
  • The woman was ambushed returning from collecting firewood 2km from El Fayd.
  • The 3 militiamen beat the mother and raped her daughter at gunpoint, the Sudanese Human Rights and Development Organization (Hudo) stated in their statement this week.
  • The family were threatened afterword’s and forbidden to leave the village.
  • The three daily visits to security authorities in Rashid were enforced after she was found hiding in the city.
  • The Hudo have stressed the threat the family faces from PDF militiamen.
Security review held by a pan African committee
State media

Al Bashir, Obasanjo Review Security Situation in Africa 23rd February 2015, Sudan Vision Daily

  • Al Bashir attended a meeting held by former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo which discussed the state of security in Africa but especially in North Africa.
  • Obasanjo expressed the need for cooperation between African countries to nurture their development
  • Boko Haram were named as one of the main rebel forces which threatened the security of Africa. This is a group towards which Al Bashir has expressed tense stance and a conflict he would fight with force.
Sudanese opposition prisoner trial progressed to special terrorism court
Independent media

Sudan’s opposition leader transferred to prison hours before trial 23rd February 2015, Sudan Tribune

  • Farouk Abu Issa, a detained Sudanese opposition leader, was transferred to prison from the medical facility he was staying at.
  • This occurred hours before the chair of the oppositional National Consensus Forces (NCF) and Amin Mekki Medani head of the alliance of the Sudanese Civil Society Organizations have been imprisoned since December meetings with Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) and the oppositional National Umma Party (NUP) in Addia Ababa.
  • The 81 year old was in hospital for cardiac problems due to a history of health problems.
  • Justice Minister, Mohamed Bushara Dousa accepted the charges and persuaded it to the appropriate court.
  • The case has been sent to the special terrorism court with the pair being charged for their actions which undermined the state authority and the state sovereignty of the Sudanese government.
  • 50 lawyers have signed to be on the defense team to participate in the trial.
  • The state has increased security measures for this court date as the opposition parties have declared their support for the defendants.
Dubai emphasizes two possible threats to Sudan sovereignty.
National Media

Sudan is facing twin threats. 22nd February 2015, the National: Dubai

  • The Dubai media source emphasized the severity of the terror threat to Sudan from ISIL and Boko Haram.
  • Al Bashir stressed the importance of this issue on his recent visit to Abu Dhabi.
  • The president stressed that the threats originated from ISIL's map of ambitions in eastern Africa which have unnerved many governmental forces.
  • Boko Haram are pressing from the west, as migration from this area has created an ethnically diverse population in Sudan including large Nigerian populations.
  • He stressed his belief in a strong correlation between the CIA and Israeli intelligence agency Mossard and the rise of ISIL. President Al Bashir explained Daesh is a divergent of Al Qaeda which associated with individuals’ sympathies for previous Al Qaeda groups.
  • Al Bashir praised Sudan for reforming jihadists with dialogue and ideas being fought with ideas.
Increase in Sudan’s weapon production
Independent Media

Sudan becomes major weapon producer 25th February 2015, Radio Dabanga

  • A military expedition and conference in Dubai has presented Sudanese weapons and equipment.
  • The Military Industry Corporation (MIC) manufactured the state owned weapons making Sudan the third largest weapons manufacturer in Africa.
  • President Al Bashir attended the event with an 11 person delegation from a varying spectrum of government bureaus.
  • Al Bashir’s visit to Dubai is in attempts to improve relations between the two countries.
  • The MIC spokesperson stated the company has reached a self-sufficient standard of producing new technological weapons.
  • This is the second year Sudan has participated in the Idex convention.
  • The weapons presented demonstrated ties with international weapon trade network and Sudanese manufactured products inspired by existing models.
IGAD warns South Sudan over uncooperative behavior in peace talks
National Media

IGAD Warns South Sudan Warring Factions as Peace Talks Face a Gloomy Future. 23rd February 2015, South Sudan News Agency

  • The IGAD have confirmed that if a peace deal cannot be negotiated the regional bloc IGAD will intervene to bring peace to South Sudan.
  • The Chief Negotiator for the IGAD has said they have been closely monitoring the situation in the country.
  • The ultimatum comes after a history of both powers violating existing peace agreements such as the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement expiring on February 1st.
  • The South Sudan government have claimed that they have knowledge the rebel groups are failing under the leadership of former president, Dr Machar.
  • The absence of South Sudan president Mayardiit at peace negotiations has the international community tentative to Kiir's position.
  • The Sudan People's Liberation Army-in Opposition claimed the split rumour nonsense and a replacement leader would be decided in the coming days.
  • The IGAG warns of serious consequences will be implemented if the civil war is not resolved.
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