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October 01-08, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on October 8, 2014
Security Apparatus is Ruling Sudan
Private Media

Source: Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, October 1st, in English
Security Apparatus is Ruling Sudan: Umma Party, Unionists Withdraw From Govt.

  • Opposition parties are outraged over the speech given by Omar-al Bashir at the National Congress Party (NCP) convention last week.
  • Bashir’s speech was condemned by the National Umma Party (NUP), the Reform Now Movement (RNM), and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) withdrew its support from the government.
  • Secretary to the NUP, General Sara Nugdallah stated : “The speech not only consisted of contradictory statements, but showed a spiteful president. It seems he is jealous of the opposition forces, because the Paris Declaration is preventing him from continuing to manipulate the political forces in the country.”
  • The DUP party withdrew its support due to the fact that they believe alBashir is not interested in dialogue, but rather using the national dialogue as an excuse to stall the implementation of real change.

Source: Domestic Media- Sudan Tribune, October 1st, in English
US Concerned by Arrest of Political and Rights Activists in Sudan

  • The United States government spoke out about the detention of activists in Sudan who were commemorating the first anniversary of the deaths of 200 protestors who were killed in the streets last year by security agents.
  • According to Jen Psaki, who is a spokewoman for the state department, the Sudanese government must “respect universal human rights, including freedom of assembly, and freedom from arbitrary arrest or detention.

Source: Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, October 3rd, in English
Sudan Security Releases SCP Members

  • On the eve of Eid el Adha, the Sudanese government released the 4 members of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP) held in prison.
  • The activists had been detained because they participated in the commemoration of protestors who were killed last September by Sudanese security forces.
  • According to Mastour Ahmed who is political secretary for opposition activists in Sudan are living under a “fear of the regime” due to the harsh security measures that have been implemented by the government.
SRF Unable to Overthrow Sudan Regime Militarily': Survey
Private Media

Source: Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, October 6th, in English
SRF Unable to Overthrow Sudan Regime Militarily': Survey

  • Researchers from the Small Arms Survey have released a working paper “The Sudan Revolutionary Front: its Formation and Development”
  • The report examines the military capability of the SRF as well as its campaigns. The report states: “Fundamentally, unless the rebels can secure new streams of foreign support, they are unlikely to come much closer to their stated objective to overthrow Al Bashir's regime militarily. Only a combination of SRF military gains, domestic political pressure, and an uprising in the centre is likely to achieve regime change... But the SRF's integration with the unarmed political opposition remains a work in progress,” the report concludes.”

Read the report here:


Source: Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, October 6th, in English
State of Emergency Declared in North Darfur

  • The acting governor of N. Darfur Adam Mohamed Hamed El Nahla, declared a state of emergency in North Darfur, during the holiday period of Eid el Adha.
  • The state of emergency was declared due to the massive insecurity in Darfur.

Source: Domestic Media- Sudan Tribune, October 8th, in English
Darfur and Two Areas Activists urge Obama to Maintain Sanctions on Sudan

  • Sudanese activists in the US are asking President Obama to disregard the attempts of the AU to convince the American government to lift economic sanctions against Sudan.
  • A letter signed by 22 groups and 424 civilians was sent to Obama with the following statement: “We are writing to you today because we are deeply concerned about the recent actions by the African Union (AU), led by Mr. Thabo Mbeki, in concert with some leaders and parties aligned with the Government of Sudan, to rescue the ailing regime in Khartoum while ignoring the suffering people in the war-torn regions of Sudan.
  • Those who signed the letter are concerned about the lack of regard of human rights in Sudan as well as censorship of the press, the security apparatus and the lack of freedoms experienced by those living in Sudan.
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