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September 17-23, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on September 23, 2014


Compiled by Michelle Booth - Sudan Media Monitoring Reporter

Darfur conflict
State Media

Source:Sudan Vision (pro-government), dated 20 September, in English
Editorial: Maalia and Rizeigat Conflict Revisited

  • The intertribal fighting that has taken place between the Maalia and Rizeigat is a threat to national security.
  • The editorial argues that these clashes have increased the number of available weapons.
  • Clashes between the two groups have been ongoing since 1966.
  • The editorial criticizes the government for only sending in troops but not working on a solution towards achieving peace.
  • The best way forward is to disarm both groups and work towards reconciliation
Private/independent Media

Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, dated 17 September, in English
Darfur Rebels to Meet with Chadian President

  • The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) has accepted the invitation to meet with Idris Deby, the President of Chad this coming October, in order to discuss the role that Chad hopes to play in achieving Sudanese Peace.
  • The SRF believes that before peace can be achieved in Darfur, the rule of law must be restored and enforced.

Source: Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, dated 21 September, in English
Darfuris Call on Sudan’s HRs Commission to Stop Violations

  • A group of Darfuris have presented a demand to the Sudanese Human Rights Commission in Geneva Switzerland, asking it to assert pressure on Khartoum to put an immediate end to mass human rights violations in Sudan.
  • According to the group there are mass violations of human rights taking place on a daily basis such as: “bombardments of villages and populated areas, extra-judicial killings, sexual harassment, forced displacement, and arbitrary detention”.
  • The group also demanded: We the undersigned, in submitting this statement to the honorable members of HRC, remind them, as Darfuris, we represent a mixture of ethnicities, cultures and tribes, unifying as a heterogeneous co-existent Afro-Arab society, which is known throughout history as Darfur. We invoke the members of HRC to consider the situation of human rights in Sudan in the light of the report of 18 September 2013 of the UN Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Sudan, Professor Mashood Adebayo Baderin.”
Private/Independent media

Sudan Tribune, dated 18 September, in English
Sudanese President Sacks Heads of State TV and Radio

  • Omar al-Bashir fired Mohammed Hatem Suleiman head of Sudan TV along with Muatassim Fadi who is the head of Sudan Radio.
  • Controversy has surrounded Sulemain regarding legal proceedings against Sudan TV by the Saudi Arabian group Dallah al Baraka.
  • al-Bashir has stated that he intends to also review the Commission for Radio and Television and establish a group to look at the laws that deal with media issues in Sudan.
Anniversary of Deadly Protest
Private/Independent media

Sudan Tribune, dated 22 September, in English
Sudan Security Arrests Political Activists on Anniversary of Deadly Protests

  • The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) have warned the families of those who died last year during the September protests, not to hold commemoration ceremonies.
  • The NISS has also arrested many activists.
  • Last September there were protests across Sudan after the government announced the decision to eliminate fuel subsidies, over 200 died during the uprising.
  • Sideeg Youssef who works with the Committee of Solidarity with the Victims, stated: “We received complaints from several families [of victims] that they were threatened by security officers, who told them that the commemoration ceremony is a political action organized by the opposition parties”
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