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September 01-07, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Sudan
Posted on September 7, 2014
Darfur Region: cautious calm?
Private Media

Cautious Calm in North Darfur’s El Sareif After Tribal Clashes.
Source: Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, dated Septembre 1, in English

  • There is now calm in N. Darfur (El Sareif Beni Hussein locality). Last week 34 people were killed during fighting between the Abbala and Beni Hussein tribes.
  • According to the local youth league, there were no authorities present during the clashes, a fact that made the clashes worse.
  • A peace agreement was signed between the two groups in July of 2013, and this current bout of fighting began when farmers from the Beni Hussein tribe were attacked by armed gunmen from the Abbala tribe.

Four Darfuri Displaced Die in Kalma Camp Mass Protest
Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, dated 5 September, in English

  • Government soldiers killed 4 displaced people and wounded 39 at a peaceful demonstration at Kalma camp, S. Darfur.
  • The demonstration was attended by tens of thousands of displaced peoples, who are angry about the endless raids by government militias.

Darfur Lawyers Condemn Violence Against Activists in Kutum Radio Dabanga –independent news from Darfur, dated 7 September, in English

  • The Darfur Bar Association (DBA) has spoken out against what it refers to as “the barbaric liquidation of local leaders and activists in and around Kutum town by pro-government militias.”
  • The DBA maintains that Al-Bashir’s National Congress Party is responsible for unleashing the Janjaweed on innocent civilians and creating mass chaos in Kutum.
  • A statement released by DBA stated: “these crimes and organized attacks evolved from intimidation and pillaging to armed robberies on the roads leading to and from Kutum, the forced payment of passage fees at militia toll gates, and the assassination of local leaders and activists in the locality.”
River Nile

Sudan deploys RSF Militiamen in River Nile to Protect Gold Mining
Source: Domestic Media- Sudan Tribune, dated 3 September, in English

  • Khartoum has sent units of the Rapid Security Forces (RSF) also known as the Janjaweed, to the River Nile in order to protect gold prospecting activities.
  • According to Abdel Sayed Omer, director of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), the forces were deployed in order to “meet security needs” of the area, after several reports of looting.
  • The RSF will reportedly work with local police forces to ensure “security and public” security.
  • The RSF have been accused of committing war crimes across Sudan.
National Dialogue between Government and Sudan Liberation Movement
State Media

Sudan's First Vice-President: 'Dialogue on the Right Track'
Source: Sudan Vision (pro-government), dated 4 September, in English

  • According to the First Vice-President, Lt Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh, the national dialogue initiative is “on the right track”
  • Saleh made this statement in his speech to the African Caucus of Finance Ministers and Central Bank governors.
  • The Vice president also claims to want to work towards “peace and development in S. Sudan.
Private Media

SLM-AW Leader Rules out Dialogue with Sudanese Regime Until Security
Situation Improves
Source: Domestic Media- Sudan Tribune, article dated, 7 September, in English

  • Wahdi al-Nur, leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement, has stated that the SLM will not engage in national dialogue until civilian security improves in war zones.
  • Al-Nur was in Addis Ababa, where he participated in peace talks with mediators and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front.
  • At issue is how to best move forward toward the establishment of a democratic country. Al-Nur stated: “We should not only reach a comprehensive cessation of hostilities agreement before starting the political process but the genocide in the camps must be stopped and militias must be disarmed,” the rebel leader added, claiming that government forces were responsible for killing six civilians in a recent raid on Kalma IDP camp in South Darfur.
  • Al-Nur has refused to participate in previous peace agreements, arguing that there are important security issues that must be insured for all Sudanese, before he will engage in discussions with the government.
International media

Amnesty International and the African Center for Justice and Peace Studies, have released the following report: Excessive And Deadly: The Use of Force, Arbitrary Detention and Torture Against Protestors in Sudan.

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