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March 17 - 23, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for South Sudan
Posted on March 23, 2014

Is the SPLM and its tactics the root of the problem?
Independent Media

Paanluel Wel: South Sudanese Bloggers, March 17th 2014

  • Cite an article by the London Evening Post
  • Argue that the SPLM is being widely regarded as an example of a “common African problem”: when a liberation movement fails to transition into a democracy
  • They argue that this is the major problem and why the recent conflict actually began
Foreign Media

London Evening Post, March 16th 2014
This is the article that the bloggers cite

  • The article mentions that an edition of the Foreign Affairs journal earlier this year said that the SPLM was essentially an army trying to rule the country
  • They argue that because Kiir is Dinka, and Machar is Nuer, the fighting “soon became tribal”
Negative attitudes regarding Hilde Johnson and UNMISS
Independent Media

Radio Miraya, (Independent Public Services Media), March 18-19th

  • Head of UN Peacekeeping accuses South Sudanese government of launching a harassment campaign against UN peacekeepers
  • He calls on SC to intervene immediately
  • The South Sudanese ambassador to the UN says that South Sudan "has nothing to gain and everything to lose by alienating the UN."

Paanluel Wel: South Sudanese Bloggers, March 20th

  • In their announcement, they CC: UNSC, UN Member States, South Sudan Government, African Union, IGAD and other friendly countries to South Sudan, Australian Government, UN Office in Canberra, Australia
  • The blog post calls for Hilde Johnson (head of UNMISS) to resign and leave country
  • They do appreciate all the organization has done during the interim period but are strongly condemning the transportation of illegal weapons
  • UNMISS seriously violated their agreement
  • UNMISS seriously violated their agreement
  • They say that allegedly Hilde Johnson is a close friend of Rick Machar which may have been why she dismissed coup allegations
  • They argue she has never shown neutrality
  • She has been here too long and become too involved in internal politics
  • “Scornful behaviour”
  • They ask: “what is the UNMISS protecting in South Sudan if they are facilitating transportation of weapons illegally to the most irresponsible and tribal rebels who are indiscriminately killing civilians in the areas?”
  • They insist that their call for her dismissal is not an attack on the UN member states
  • “Ms Johnson is not wanted in South Sudan as it was shown on how South Sudanese are demonstrating so furiously across south Sudan and Diaspora against her continued presence in the country after the weapon scandal”

Sudan Tribune, (Online News Site, Based in Paris for Diaspora), March 21st 2014

  • The UN completed its investigation into the arms incident
  • Maintain that the weapons were for Ghanian peacekeepers
  • Norway is critical of the South Sudan government’s accusations against UNMISS
Pressure group attempts to get HR support for political detainees
Independent Media

Sudan Tribune, (Online News Site, Based in Paris for Diaspora), March 17th 2014

  • Justice for Juba Four (J4J4) is a South Sudan pressure group trying to get international human right support for the four political detainees. 
  • J4J4, in a statement, said the detained be “released immediately or allow them to face justice before a properly constituted, independent tribunal grounded in due process and with, given the political nature of the trial, objective and independent international standards/oversight”.
  • The group is critical of the government’s “special court” and call the entire process “unconstitutional” and do not follow international human rights standards 

J4J4 Facebook Page

  • March 20th: “The International Community and the Citizens of South Sudan have agreed that the political detainees 'must' be release.”
  • March 21: “Who still believe the alleged coup?”
  • March 22: “FREE Pagan Amum, Majak D'Agot, Ezekiel Lol, Oyai Deng”
  • March 23: “No weapon against Juba four (J4) shall prosper..Type 'Amen'”
  • March 23: “Calling for change is not simple becoz the corruption fight back..”
  • March 25: “The government of South Sudan has no evidences against the detainees..”
Humanitarian Concerns
Independent Media

Radio Miraya (Independent Public Services Media), March 17th 2014

  • UNMISS said that the government’s efforts to tighten security against them will slow down their ability to reach citizens
  • The UNMISS spokesperson said, “we are working extremely hard on increasing all sorts of drainage, to be able to dry the land, reestablishing latrines so that people can enjoy better conditions in the due of the coming rains” Radio Miraya (Independent Public Services Media), March 19th 2014
  • World Food Program launching campaign to airdrop food supplies to IDPS in isolated areas
  • Locations in Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity States
  • They are trying to reach people they cannot reach by road or river Sudan Tribune, (Online New Site, Based in Paris for Diaspora), March 21st 2014
  • UNHCR is “gravely concerned” about new tensions in Upper Nile state because of food shortages
  • The Spokesperson said: “The UNHCR is working with authorities and other humanitarian agencies to diffuse the tensions”
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