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February 03 - 09, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for South Sudan
Posted on February 9, 2014

Machar’s ‘Resistance’ Group
Foreign Media

Voice of America, Online, February 3rd 2014

  • Machar announced that he has formed a resistance group to fight for democracy and good governance.
  • Machar was interviewed over telephone by VOA: "We decided to organize a resistance against the regime. So yes, if you heard troops in Upper Nile, in Jonglei, in Unity States, in Equatoria, saying what I am saying, yes, we are now an organized resistance against the regime.”
  • His goals include democracy, pluralism, free elections and good governance for South Sudan.
  • Machar also plans to challenge Kiir in the next election

Voice of America, Online, February 9th 2014

  • Machar announced that his new SPLM/SPLA resistance movement is aiming for democracy and equality in the country. They will: "dedicate (their) time to the liberation of South Sudan so that we have a democratic, peaceful, prosperous nation where elections would not be rigged, where people would not be intimidated, where there would be no one group trying to control others."
  • He also accused Kiir of ‘dictatorial tendencies’
Attacks in Jonglei
Independent Media

South Sudan News Agency, Online, February 6th 2014

  • The author of this piece, a resident of Jonglei, argues that Musevini and Kiir conspired on February 5th to destroy Machar and his forces.

Sudan Tribune, Online, February 6th 2014

  • On February 5th, over 25 people were killed in the Kolnyang district of Bor county, Jonglei by armed men who are suspected to be associated with Machar. 11 other people are also missing after the attack, which was allegedly carried out by 300 armed men. The killing was carried out indiscriminately.

Talk of Sudan, Online, February 8th 2014

  • The SPLA has condemned the killing of civilians in Kolnyang (February 5th) and says that it is a complete breach of human rights law.
  • It was originally suspected that members of the Nuer tribe (loyal to Machar) led the killings, but local eyewitness accounts are accusing members of the Murle ethnic group for leading the attack

Radio Tamazuj, Online Article, February 8th 2014

  • Four passengers on a convoy travelling between Juba and Bor were killed in an ambush. Two of the passengers were Anglican pastors.
  • The attackers were identified as wearing SPLA uniforms.
U.S. govern State Department ment urges foreign troops to withdraw
Independent Media

Sudan Tribune, Online, February 8th 2014

  • The US government State Department spokesperson called for withdrawal of foreign forces who have interfered in South Sudan. She also called for inclusive reconciliation process and dialogue in Addis Ababa talks.

Sudan Tribune, Online, February 5th 2014

  • The South Sudan government claims that the support provided by Uganda and its intervention in the conflict is legitimate.
Health risks at Refugee Camps
Independent Media

Radio Tamazuj, Online Article, February 4th 2014

  • In Juba camp, overcrowding is the main problem as over 38,000 are seeking shelter at Juba’s 2 UN bases.

Radio Tamazuj, Online Article, February 5th 2014

  • At the UN base in Bentiu, 15 cases of acute malnutrition have been discovered, and a high number of moderate malnutrition has also been reported. 
  • A nutrition test was conducted, and several acute cases were found among children. The doctor there said that if intervention does not occur, the cases of malnutrition could reach a ‘red level.’
  • Approximately 50% of children are suffering from moderate malnutrition at the base.
Ethnic Violence- The conflict and its ethnic roots
Foreign Media

Al Jazeera, Online (Article), February 3rd 2014

  • Human Rights Watch says much of the violence in Juba has been carried out by Dinka members of the South Sudanese armed forces against Nuer civilians who are suspected of supporting Machar
  • The chief of staff for the SPLA admitted that some civilians were killed in Juba, but promised action against these crimes.
Machar’s spokesman dismisses claims made about the rebel leader
Independent Media

Sudan Tribune, Online, February 6th 2014

  • Machar’s spokesperson said statements that Machar is being behind the coup attempts are ‘outrageous lies’ based on ‘fabricated evidence.’
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