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January 06-13, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for South Sudan
Posted on January 13, 2014

Juba and Yau Yau Rebels reach Ceasefire
Independent Media

Sudan Vision (Online), January 7th 2014

Foreign Media

Haberler (Online), January 6th 2014

World Bulletin (Online), January 7th 2014

Voice of America (Online), January 7th 2014

Heavy Fighting in Unity and Jonglei States causes civilians to flee into Abyei and Lakes States
State-owned Media

Radio Miraya (Online), January 11th 2014

Radio Miraya (Online), January 11th 2014

Independent Media

Sudan Tribune (Online), January 9th 2014

  • Fighting between the government forces and opposition in Unity State broke out on January 8th, and caused between 2,000- 25,00 people to enter into Abyei to flee from the violence. Those who entered were mostly women and children to stay with family and friends in the region.
Foreign Media

The Malay Mail (Online), January 9th 2014

Medecins Sans Frontieres (Online), January 8th 2014

United Nations (Online), January 14th 2014

South Sudan troops advancing to Bor
State Media

Radio Miraya (Online), January 12th 2014

Foreign Media

Al Jazeera (Online), January 13th 2014

Useful Links for this week: (Update on the situation of relief efforts in and around Bor, Jonglei) (Discussion on tribalism and its role in South Sudanese politics) (Discussion on the role of Diplomacy in South Sudan)

(Two opinion pieces on the contemporary situation in South Sudan) (The role of social media in the contemporary conflict) (Footage from refugee camps) (Al Jazeera’s current page for the situation in South Sudan)

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