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December 15 - 21, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on December 21, 2014
Clan fighting continues throughout Somalia
Puntland MPs call for an end to clan fighting in Bari

Garowe Online, December 20th

  • Puntland’s parliamentary subcommittee on Human Rights called for an end to fighting between two clans in the Bari region of NE Somalia
  • The committee stressed the need for immediate intervention in the conflict by the Puntland government.
  • At least 40 people have died in the fighting since 2009, when disputes over the ownership of pastureland triggered armed confrontations.
  • Earlier this month, government initiatives brought together traditional leaders representing the opposing Ali Saleban and Ugar Saleban tribes.
Central state formation sparks deadly clashes

Garowe Online, December 15

  • The formation of a federal state consisting of Galgaduud and Southern Mudug in central Somalia has sparked clashes between the SNA and militias loyal to the paramilitary group Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamea.
  • According to an Ahlu Sunnah spokesperson, the Gagaduud battle claimed the lives of 5 government soldiers; the spokesperson accused central government officials of fomenting violence.
  • The militiamen of former warlord Abdi Nure Siyad are said to have fled to Gel Jire village, 60km west of the group’s former stronghold of Guri’el.
  • Somali government forces took control of Guri’el without resistance
Clan Militias Clash at Parts of Bay Region

Dalsan Radio, December 15

  • Reports from Bay region say violence broke out between two clans following a dispute over farmland.
  • Sources say the situation is still tense and the dispute remains unresolved.
  • At least 4 people have lost their lives and 5 others were wounded.
  • The federal government has so far made no attempt to mediate the dispute.
Humanitarian Problems Emerge in Bula Barde
At least 5 people including children starve to death in Bula Barte

December 16
Raxanreeb, December 16

  • At least 5 people are said to have died due to hunger in the central district of Bula Barte, an area that was recovered from al Shabaab.
  • Severe food shortages were imposed on the region after Al Shabab laid siege to a road that linked the district to the rest of the country.
  • AS has reportedly attacked a number of vehicles that were trying to transport food supplies, making transporters hesitant to travel along the road.
Humanitarian Problems Still Rife in Bula Burde

Dalsan Radio, December 17

  • The mayor of Hiran’s Bul Burde has complained that residents are suffering from malnutrition due to the presence of Al Shabab on the roads that lead to the town.
  • The mayor stated that the situation might soon become a famine as it is difficult to deliver aid to residents as long as the presence of Al Shabaab makes the roads impassable.
Attorney General Questioned in Parliament
Attorney General says 19 ministers and 3 agencies involved rampant corruption

Raxanreeb, December 15

  • Somalia’s Attorney General has revealed that there is rampant corruption, implicating 19 ministries and three government institutions through probes carried out by his and the Auditor General’s offices.
  • The Attorney General said that19 unnamed ministers and three heads of government agencies would be sent a warrant of arrest after the ongoing probe is concluded.
  • The MPs summoned the AG to Parliament to question his December 6th letter, which placed a travel ban on cabinet ministers.
  • The AG defended his directive as vital to protect public property from corruption and misuse.
  • Some Parliamentarians were unsatisfied with the AG’s decision to issue the ban, suggesting it was collective punishment, and not necessary at this time.
Attorney, Auditor General Questioned in Parliament

December 15, Garowe Online

  • Lawmakers in Somalia’s parliament questioned the Attorney and Auditor Generals on a temporary travel ban that was imposed on cabinet ministers after reports of corruption surfaced.
  • Some MPs had accused the two men of meddling.
  • The AG stated that they identified the misappropriation of public funds was widespread in 19 ministries and 3 government agencies.
  • The Auditor General responded question s regarding his standpoint on the months-long infighting between the President and recently deposed PM.
  • The Auditor General distanced himself from involvement, indicating that his office independently audits government agencies.
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