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December 01 - 07, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on December 2, 2014
1) Threats made against Dalsan Radio Staff
Reporters without borders concerned about Gutale’s threat to Dalsan Radio Staff

Dalsan Radio, December 6th
Mareeg (independent), December 7th

  • Reporters without Borders has said it is worried about the threats made by former Presidential Chief of Staff Kammal Gutale has made in connection with an article referring to a UN report that linked him to piracy.
  • RWB stated that such threats and harassment limit the ability of journalists to work freely and without fear in Somalia.
  • Gutale sent his associates to contract the Chief Editor of Radio Dalsan, threatening unknown consequences if the article is not taken down.
  • The article reveals Gutale's alleged involvement in piracy and his close relationship with the “Kingpin Pirate”.
2) PM will accept Parliament’s call for him to step down
Abdiweli out on motion of no confidence

Dalsan Radio, December 6th

  • Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Dheikh Ahmed was ousted today by a motion of No Confidence in the federal Parliament.
  • Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has urged the President to dissolve the government.
  • 153 voted against, 80 voted for, and 2 members abstained.
  • Adiweli came to power one year ago after a similar ousting of the previous PM.
  • Sources say that the Somali Ambassador to the US, the current Finance Minister, and the former Foreign Minister are all favorites to be the next PM.
Federal MPs vote second PM out of office

Garowe Online, December 6th

  • Lawmakers in Somalia’s federal parliament have ousted the PM in an overwhelming vote, bringing a month-long political standoff to an end.
  • Speaking to the media after the vote, Speaker Jawari urged the President to appoint the next head of government within 30 days.
  • Now former PM Abdiweli was appointed to his position on December 12, 2013, following the ousting of PM Abdi Farah Shirdon.
PM Abdiweli Accepts Parliament’s Vote, Calls for renewed commitment to Vision 2016 and Somalia’s national agenda

Raxanreeb, December 6th

  • PM Abdiweli has accepted today’s vote withdrawing confidence from his administration. He stated that he remains steadfast in upholding the law and as been diligent in executing his constitutional mandate.
  • The PM called on all Somalis and international partners to remained focused in achieving Vision 2016 and the goal of delivering long-term stability, development and reform.
  • Reaffirming his continued participation in Somalia’s transformation, PM Abdiweli thanked his administration and citizens for their determination to realize a better Somalia.
3) Attorney General Issues Travel Ban on Former Cabinet Ministers
Somali Attorney General Issues Travel Ban on Former Cabinet Ministers

Mareeg, December 7th

  • The Somali Attorney General has requested that the PM and other members of his government remain in Somalia after the ousting of the Abdiweli government.
  • The AG told the media that when former governments were ousted there was a lack of accountability around government assets, many of which remained in the possession of former Ministers.
  • He said there is suspicion that a similar trend may emerge if the PM and some of his cabinet ministers attempt to leave the country.

Republished as:
AG Wants Accountability Among Former Somali Cabinet Ministers
Dalsan Radio, December 7th

4) Law-maker attacked in Mogadishu
Federal MP Wounded in Drive-by Shooting as 3 Others Killed

Garowe Online, December 4th

  • Unidentified gunmen wounded Federal MP Mayow Mustaf in a drive-by shooting in Mogadishu.
  • The attackers shot at four people, including the wounded MP, before driving away from the scene. The victims were rushed to hospital.
  • Among those killed is former parliamentarian Liban Abdulahi Nur.
Al-Shabaab kills Somali ex-lawmaker, police say

Kismaayo, December 4th

  • Gunmen with the Islamist militant group Al Shabaab killed a former lawmaker and injured a current MP in a drive-by shooting in the nation’s capital.
  • It is the third deadly attack by the group in as many days.
  • An AS spokesperson claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed to continue the shootings against Somali lawmakers.
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