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November 17 - 23, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on November 23, 2014


Compiled by Laura Metcalfe

Journalist Assassinated by Unknown Gunmen in Puntland
Somali Reporter Shot Dead in Puntland (independent), November 19th

  • The third journalist to be killed in Somalia this year was gunned down in the semiautonomous region of Puntland.
  • Radio journalist Abdirisak Ali Abdi (25), who worked for Radio Daljir and a UKbased television station, was killed in Galkacyo.
  • The police said that the assailants escaped but that the police are in pursuit of the perpetrators.
  • The NUSOJ issued a statement commenting that Abdi was killed in cold blood, adding that three other reporters have been wounded in Mogadishu in the last two months.
  • The motives for the attack are unknown; journalists have been frequent targets of attacks, some prompted by reports on corruption, clan fighting, or coverage of implementation of strict Islamic law.
The body of killed journalist Abdirizak Silver buried in Galkayo today

Dalsan Radio (independent), November 19th

  • The body of Abdirizak Ali Abdi “Silver” was buried in Galkayo after he was shot by armed assailants at a teashop.
  • His burial was attended by Puntland government officials, journalists from around the Mudug region, and members of the public.
  • According to a Facebook post Abdi sent to a friend, the journalist feared for his life, stating that he felt he was in danger.
  • The Somali Independent Media Houses Association has strongly condemned the attack and called on authorities to do more to curb the increasing violence against journalists.
TV Journalist Gunned Down in Galkayo

Garowe Online (Independent), November 18th

  • Unidentified assailants have gunned down a journalist working for UK-based Horn Cable TV and Daljir Radio shortly after evening prayers.
  • The journalist was shot in the head by two gunmen with pistols on his way home.
  • He is the third media worker to be gunned down in Galkayo since 2011.
Somaliland Government Shuts Down Pro-Opposition Radio Station
Somaliland Government Closes FM, Arrests Journalists

Somaliland Informer (independent), November 19th

  • Three journalists were arrested in Hargeisa for operating a pro-opposition radio station.
  • Badigood FM was launched earlier this year, but its location has only been recently found despite numerous searches
  • The Somali constitution does allow the opposition to open its own radio station but the Somaliland government has often been criticized for muzzling freedom of the press and speech.
  • Tensions have been high since a failed attempt to impeach the current speaker of the parliament who is also the head of the main opposition party.
Somaliland Govt shuts down pro-opposition FM station

Garowe Online (independent), November 18

  • Somaliland authorities shut down an opposition-owned radio station in Hargeisa.
  • Security forces stated that they had captured four broadcasters who will be arraigned in the court. 
  • The Somaliland constitution bars the opposition from opening independent radio stations, a situation criticized by international press watchdogs.
Fallout continues over Somali Parliament “No Confidence” vote
PM calls demand for resignation ‘unfortunate’
  • Garowe Online (independent), November 17th
  • Somalia’s PM has denied that 14 of his cabinet ministers lodged a demand for his resignation, urging his Ministers not to take sides in the political dispute.
  • In a press statement, the PM called the demands for his resignation “unfortunate” and asked resigning ministers to write directly to his office.
  • Continuing, he urged the Somali people to stand by the nation and the supremacy of the rule of law.
  • He asked cabinet ministers to play a neutral role in defusing the tension and continue their day-to-day duties.
Somali PM Supporters in the Parliament Will Praise Prophet Muhammad to Disrupt Motion of No Confidence

Dalsan Radio (independent), November 20th

  • The speaker of the federal parliament met with other party leaders yesterday to request them to mediate between the president and premier, noting that their disagreement is now so far gone that the parliament cannot solve it.
  • Speaker Jawari said that he couldn’t start debating the motion if the MPs refuse to listen and follow house procedure.
  • Politicians supporting the PM have stated that they will sing a song praising the prophet if the motion is proposed in parliament again.
  • In the last two sessions, the speaker could not call the house to order due to the shouting of parliamentarians, demonstrating how sensitive the situation is.
President Hassan wants the Parliament to Decide on the Disagreement

Dalsan Radio (independent), November 22

  • The President of Somalia has issued a statement claiming the disagreement between him and the PM has been longstanding, and relating to a wide variety of issues.
  • He requested that the parliament decide on the matter in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the government.
  • He says he remains optimistic that the government will hold free and fair elections
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