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November 10 - 16, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on November 16, 2014
Commotion Breaks Out in Somali Federal Parliament Over Non Confidence Motion
Somalia Parliament in Chaos as MPs allied to either President or Prime Minister face off

Dalsan Radio (independent), November 12th

  • MPs who opposed the tabling of a non-confidence motion against the Prime Minister disrupted the session of parliament.
  • The noise overshadowed the words of the Speaker; some parliamentarians were carrying whistles and plastic containers that they were hitting.
  • As a result, the motion was not debated.
  • Apparently, the commotion was caused by about 25 MPs.
  • The Speaker of the House became fed up with the tense situation and eventually announced that the session was dismissed. Each opposing side was throwing missiles at each other as they vacated the parliament building.
  • Later that day, the PM issued a statement calling for negotiations to resolve the current disagreement, warning that the current divisions could endanger the country’s goal of free and fair elections in 2016. President Hassan did not issue a statement.
Lawmakers disrupt second Parliament session as political turmoil in Somalia remains at the peak

RBC Radio, November 15

  • The Somali parliament session again ended in havoc after lawmakers aggressively reacted to the No Confidence motion tabled against the country’s PM
  • The session descended into chaos after MPs started singing the national anthem loudly to distract from the debate.
  • The majority of parliamentarians are reported to have rejected the motion and continued to sing until the session was forced to end due to the noise.
  • The international community had unanimously warned against sacking the current PM, saying it could undermine the ongoing efforts to help Somalia out of anarchy.
No Confidence vote in PM fails after placards rattle Parliament

Garowe Online, November 15

  • The Parliamentary Speaker of Somalia walked out of the house after lawmakers disrupted the parliamentary session with the national anthem and placards in favor of the Prime Minister on Saturday.
  • A Federal MP said that over one hundred lawmakers stood up and collectively sang the national anthem
  • Garowe Online correspondents say that the MPs held placards that read “person or nation, save the nation, and Somalia is independent”
  • No date has been set for the next session as the Speaker left the session for his residence in Villa Somalia.
14 Ministers Withdrew Support and Called the Somali PM to Resign within 24 Hours in attempt to seek solution

Dalsan Radio, November 16

  • At least 14 Ministers called on the Somali PM to resign as the political crisis hit its peak.
  • International donors have threatened financial cuts as the political stalemate continues.
  • Continued disruptions of the Somali parliament by the supporters of the PM have also raised eyebrows among the Somali people who are cautious about the country heading into another cycle of violence.
  • The Ministers called on the PM to resign within 24 hours in a letter they drafted jointly, adding that the smooth running of government business has been hardest hit by the crisis.
  • Last December, the PM was appointed with the hope of preparing the nation for democratic elections to take place, but that dream has not come true, after the PM proved to be “uncooperative”, according to a statement from the President’s office.
  • An official from the UN Assistance Mission to Somalia, who spoke under condition of anonymity, stated that the international community has agreed that the PM should leave office.
  • Delegations from the troop contributing countries and donor countries have met with officials in Mogadishu, though the nature of their talks is unclear.
  • Independent sources confirm that even if the PM refuses to resign, Ministers have planned to announce mass resignations.
Violence Breaks Out in Somaliland After Parliament Tables No Confidence Motion
People in Somaliland demonstrate as Parliament tables a “No Confidence Motion” against Parliament Speaker.

RBC Radio, November 15

  • Hundreds of protestors have come out in Burco, provincial capital of Togdher after the current government of Somaliland tabled a no confidence motion against the current speaker of the Self-declared breakaway republic.
  • The government has deployed dozens of military vehicles and personnel to disperse the protestors.
  • According to one RBC reporter on the ground, troops opened fire on protestors, and at least one person has been reported dead (though the exact number of casualties has not yet been established).
  • The current speaker is also the head of the opposition party.
Somaliland Parliament to Debate on Sensitive Motion

Dalsan Radio, November 15

  • The situation in Hargeisa is tense ahead of a debate on a motion against the Speaker of the Somaliland parliament.
  • Many security forces were deployed, and traffic was reported to be at a standstill in many parts of the city.
  • Elsewhere, troops over 500 in number were deployed around the parliament building for the duration of the debate over the motion
Somaliland: At least one dead, five others injured as police clash with protestors

Somaliland Informer, November 15

  • At least one person has died and five others are injured as police clashed with protestors who marched in solidarity with the speaker of Parliament after the Silanyo government attempted to depose him.
  • Members of the house of national assembly the support the ruling party had tabled a motion to depose the speaker in the latest session of parliament
  • President Silyano has urged citizens to unite in the name of peace and stability. He sent his condolences to the families and victims of the clashes, during which police used live ammunition to disperse the crowd.
  • He added that it is unacceptable to see daily criticisms from the speaker of parliament towards government policies.
Police detained 5 lawmakers in Hargeysa

Mareeg Media, November 15

  • Somaliland police have detained 5 opposition politicians after a political disagreement erupted between President Silanyo and the chairman of the House of Representatives.
  • Last night, Somaliland police took over the security of the House of Representatives, angering the Speaker.
  • Plans were in place to discuss a no confidence motion against the current Speaker, who is also the head of the WADANI opposition party.
  • However, the session was postponed after opposition representatives, including the speaker, did not attend the House of Representatives.
  • Arrests happened after security forces took over the house. Meanwhile, the Speaker welcomed the postponement of the debate, calling the nonconfidence motion illegal.
  • Hundreds of protestors have taken to the streets in Burco to demonstrate against the motion.
One Journalist Jailed As Another Escapes Assassination Attempt
Security Forces Arrest Journalist Abdirizak Syria

Dalsan Radio, November 11th

  • Somali forces arrested freelance journalist Abdirizak Omar Ahmed aka Syria at his house last night.
  • His wife stated that she was not aware of any crime he committed that could lead to his arrest, adding she does not know where he is being detained.
Freelance Journalist Survives Assassination Attempt with Serious Leg Injuries

Dalsan Radio, November 10

  • The NUSOJ has condemned an attack on a freelance journalist’s car, the latest in a series of attacks against the country’s media.
  • A bomb is believed to have been attached to his car, resulting in an exploding while he was driving.
  • The journalist, identified at Nuurre Mohamed Ali, suffered serious leg injuries.
  • No group has claimed responsibility.
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