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November 02 - 09, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on November 9, 2014
MPs Table Non-Confidence Motion
Pro-President Hassan MPs lodge no confidence motion
Garowe Online, Nov 6th
  • Amidst allegations of vote buying, nearly 100 MPs have reportedly lodged a no confidence motion against Prime Minister Abdiweli.
  • It is unclear whether the motion will be debated but sources that declined to be named in print have disclosed that Parliamentary Speaker Mohamed himself gave the green light to the challenge.
  • The chamber voted President Abdiweli’s predecessor out of office in December 2013.
  • The conflict came after the PM promoted the former Minister of Livestock and Animal Husbandry at the expense of the President’s right hand man and Constitution and Justice Minister
Breaking News: More than 130 MPs table a motion of “no confidence” against PM Abdiweli
Dalsan Radio, November 6
  • Somali Parliamentarians have tabled a motion that would allow the Speaker to open a parliamentary session to review the house’s confidence in the PM and his cabinet.
  • According to sources, 131 Parliamentarians have signed the draft of the motion.
  • The Speaker has reportedly accepted the motion to be put on the Parliament’s agenda in the coming week.
  • The new motion will go to debate and then proceed to a voting session.
  • If the PM is ousted through a no confidence vote, the President will be able to appoint a new PM within 30 days
Efforts Underway to reconcile President, PM ahead of no confidence vote
Garowe Online, Nov 9
  • Parliamentary Speaker Jawari is reportedly mediating between the President and PM, backed by key international partners
  • Jawari announced that he temporarily ceased the debate over a no confidence motion filed against the PM, holding talks with backers as well as the challengers of the proposed no confidence vote
  • Sources tell Garowe Online that the Speaker reminded pro-Hassan MPs of the magnitude of the tasks charged with Somali government institutions.
  • Jawari discussed the role of the international community in settling the dispute with UN envoy Nicholas Kay.
  • The British Ambassador is also said to have joined the reconciliation process by separately raising the root cause of the dispute.
  • Insiders say President’s Hassan’s close allies were wooing lawmakers with cash. 
Outrage over UN envoy’s allegations of corruption
MPs Call UN Envoy Either Step Down from Somalia or Apologize
RBC Radio, November 5
  • Somali Parliament members have called for Nicholas Kay to step down or apologize for his recent statement which alleged that some parliamentarians were getting cash in exchange for votes
  • One MP described Ambassador Kay to the media as an “unprofessional diplomat” and accused him of breaching the ethics of international diplomacy
  • The Parliament has strongly rejected allegations that they were bribed by the president to endorse the non-confidence motion against the PM.
  • The President quickly called on the UN to stop interfering in Somalia’s internal politics.
UN’s Nicholas Kay for Somalia: A Major Political Liability to Avoid
Mareeg Media, November 8
  • Nicholas Kay has clearly overstepped his mandate by interfering in Somalia’s internal politics and expressing a serious bias against Somali Federal Institutions
  • Kay’s allegations that the Federal Parliament is corrupt are baseless and could trigger a parliamentary resolution on Kay
  • Kay’s political bias has finally surfaced and it apparently leans to the side of the PM. Kay’s record reveals the real motives behind the UN’s political agenda for Somalia
  • The parliament must act immediately to demand a public apology and issue a persona non grata to prevent similar subversive statements from UN envoys that could undermine the country’s political sovereignty.
  • Kay’s statement could put the internal stability of the country at risk.
  • The international community has no role to play in internal politics, and institutions are more than capable of sorting out whatever internal differences are at play.
UN Tells Somalia to Quit Paying for Votes
Kismaayo, Nov 3rd
  • The UN’s representative in Somalia says he is concerned bribers are being paid to parliamentarians to oust the prime minister.
  • President Hassan responded that while he appreciates the UN’s concerns, he called on the international community to respect Somalia’s right to determine its own future. 
Clan militias fight in Galgaduud
Clan militias fight in Galgaduud
Dalsan Radio (independent), November 5th
  • Reports from Balambale in the Galgaduud region say that clashes erupted between local inhabitants over grazing lands.
  • At least 6 have lost their lives while 10 others were wounded. 
Series of press violations reported from several towns in Somalia in two weeks
Series of press violations reported from several towns in Somalia in two weeks
Dalsan Radio (independent), November 4th
  • The National Union of Somali Journalists is concerned about the latest violations against media in several towns across Somalia
  • They have called for respect for freedom of the press and for journalists’ human rights.
  • Two reporters were arrested in Gabiley in the region of Somaliland. The two men were based in Gabiley and worked for privately owned TV stations.
  • According to a colleague from Hargeysa, both men were arrested after covering demonstrations in which a mob burned the Somaliland flag. 
  • The Gabiley district court ordered that the men remain in jail for 7 days while their case is investigated
  • Meanwhile, a journalist for another television station was arrested in Berbera at a disputed under-construction fattening center. The NUSOJ calls for the Somaliland authorities to immediately release the journalists and allow them to continue their independent work.
  • In Southern Somalia, police beat and briefly detained the Director of Warsan Radio in Baidoa. The district police chief of Baidoa reportedly ordered his arrest.
  • He was released after 6 hours, and has stated he does not know the reason for his arrest.
  • It came after the eruption of violent demonstrations and a conference on the formation of the regional administration of SW Somalia was underway
Journalists arrested after covering protest in Somaliland
RBC Radio, November 4th
  • Authorities in Somaliland have arrested two journalists from private TV stations for covering a protest in Gabiley.
  • The men were arrested for covering a protest where locals burnt the flag of the ruling Kulmiye party. Residents organized a small rally against what they say is a lack of services and unfilled campaign promises, which took place during a Kulmiye party conference.
  • The Regional Governor said authorities detained the journalists for their own protection following threats from Kulmiye officials.
  • The regional prosecutor charged the two men with defamation, false accusations and defacing a flag.
  • The court was adjourned for 7 days and the men were transferred from the police station to prison, where they will remain until the hearing.
  • Local journalists report that the press has been under pressure from authorities in the lead up to Somaliland elections in June 2015.
  • Another journalist was detained in Berbera for covering a dispute between two livestock dealers. Authorities claimed his report could incite the public.
  • Since December 2013, Somaliland authorities have shuttered four independent newspapers and banned one privately owned television station.










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