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September 29 - October 05, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on October 5, 2014


Compiled by Laura Metcalfe

1) Allied forces push Al Shabaab out of Barawe
Allied Forces Take Control of Barawe Coastal Town

Garowe Online (independent), dated October 5th

  • Somali government forces, aided by AU troops, drove into the Al Shabaab stronghold of Barawe, forming bases in the outskirts of the town and conducting a door-to-door search operation.
  • AS fled the economic powerhouse two days ago, but allied forces were not quick to move in. The seizure of Barowe is a severe setback to the group.
Al Shabaab Flee form Barawe

Mareeg Media (online), dated October 4th

  • Al Shabaab militants have abandoned Barawe, one of their last major strongholds in Somalia.
  • The SNA and AMISOM want to overrun the town and have staged they will enter in the next few hours.
  • Before leavening, AS called for all the residents and spoke to them to tell them they were leaving.
After Barowe, Where will AMISOM and SNA Head?

Dalsan Radio (independent), dated October 5th

  • SNA and AMISOM entered the former stronghold of Al Shabaab, who said they pulled their forces from the town as a warfare tactic
  • Residents are in fear as reports suggest that AS is just outside the time. Many civilians have already begun moving out of town for safety.
  • Al Shabaab may use guerilla warfare to target the allied forces, or open new war fronts in Middle Jubba.
  • The outcome of the conflict is uncertain. Even after the fall of AS’ major stronghold, there are many nearby towns and villages, as well as remote areas in the South where they remain strong.
Breaking News: AMISOM and Somali Forces Liberate Barawe, Al Shabaab’s Biggest Stronghold

RBC Radio (independent), dated October 5th

  • Somali government forces and AU peacekeepers have seized the port town of Barawe, the largest stronghold of AS militants.
  • The governor of Middle Shabelle has confirmed that AS fighters initially resisted the joint force, but was eventually forced to withdraw.
  • Two joint force soldiers sustained injuries, while the bodies of 13 AS fighters were recovered.
  • The forces stationed in the town, along with the region’s administration, will hold meetings with the local traditional elders and residents
  • The AS militants are reported to have started withdrawing from Barowe after receiving a tip off about the attack.
2) Opposition Politician Arrested by Government Forces
Government Security Arrest Opposition at Adde International Airport

RBC Radio (Independent), October 1st

  • National Security Forces arrested Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan, a well-known opposition figure at Aden Adde Airport on his way back from Nairobi
  • He was taken to NISA Central Command, according to inside sources
  • Hassan has been on the run since August following a disarmament operation targeting clan warlords was launched in Mogadishu.
Politician Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan Appears Before a Court

Dalsan Radio (Independent), October 2nd

  • Chairman of the Peace and Democracy Party and renowned politician Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan was brought before a court in Mogadishu after spending the night in Godka Jilicow Prison.
  • He denied the allegations against him and said he was not guilty of any wrongdoing.
  • The court order him to be remanded at Godka Jilicow, and his case will be held at a later date.
  • Hassan is a politician who peacefully tried to rectify the errors within government policies
Politician Abdhullahi Sheikh Hassan Released

Dalsan Radio (independent) , October 3rd

  • After efforts to seek his release, security forces released the veteran politician from prison.
  • Hassan credited his release to the efforts of politicians and civil society organizations.
  • He assured media he was not tortured during his incarceration.
3) Puntland forces reach Dhahar
Puntland Forces Reach Dhahr Town Amid Tensions

Garowe Online, dated September 30th

  • The Puntland government has launched the Puntland Defense Forces to the Sanaag town of Dhahar amidst escalation of armed tensions.
  • The move happened after Somaliland beefed up troop presence in some parts of the Sanaag region.
  • Puntland cabinet ministers and parliamentarians are still on a visit to Dhahar following the election of a new mayor last week
  • Clan militia loyal to Somaliland’s separatist administration clashed with Puntland soldiers in Dhahar five days ago. At least one person has been confirmed dead while two fighters sustained injuries.
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