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October 19 - 27, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on October 27, 2014
1) Two men executed for assassinating Somali journalist
Public Execution in Somalia for Two Convicted Murders

Somaliland Informer (independent), October 26

  • Two men convicted of murdering and Universal TV journalists and a security official were publically executed in Mogadishu
  • They were found guilty in August after being arrested during a raid by security forces
  • Witnesses say the victims were tied to posts and executed by a firing squad at Mogadishu’s police academy
Two Al Shabaab Members Executed for Killing Somali Journalist

Dalsan Radio (independent), October 26

  • Two men who had previously been sentenced to death in a military court were executed by firing squad today.
  • The two men were found guilty of killing a TV journalist and of being members of Al Shabaab.
  • The execution took place in the presence of a large crowd and several senior officials from Somali security forces
Somali Military Court Executes Two Men Convicted of Assassinating Journalist

Mareeg Media (independent), October 26 

  • The Somali military court carried out a death sentence on two men accused of assassinating a journalist and security official in Mogadishu 
  • It’s not the first time the military court has carried out a death sentence on those accused of assassinating journalists; similar convictions were carried out in August 2013 and September 2012
Military Court Executes Two Murders of a Journalist

RBC Radio (independent), October 26

  • The Military court of Somalia executed two murders who assassinated a journalist last November
  • The execution took place at the Police Academy in Mogadishu, and was attended by officials of the military court, journalists, and the late Mohamed Mohamud Timacade’s friends and families 
  • Timacade was the 7th journalist killed in Somalia; in 2012, 18 journalists were killed, making Somalia the worst country for journalists to live.
  • He left behind two sons.
2) Rift within the Federal Government of Somalia exposed after cabinet shuffle
Somali President refused Premier’s cabinet reshuffle called it unconstitutional

Mareeg Media (independent), October 25th

  • In a press statement, the President claimed he had put up with corrupt decisions in the past from the PM that directly violated the constitution, the first of which was the unilateral demotion and promotion of Ministers. 
  • He claimed he had accepted these mistakes for the sake of the nation.
  • The Somali PM reshuffled his cabinet Saturday, where some ministers close to the President lost their seats.
PM removes Presidential aide from key post, exposing infighting

Garowe Online (independent) , October 25th 

  • The PM has promoted the former Minister of Livestock and Animal Husbandry at the expense of a presidential aide, exposing political infighting
  • Though the reshuffle affected several ministries, the epicenter of fighting between the PM and President appear to be over the Justice and Constitution portfolio
  • The division may have surfaced after the signing of a new 12-point agreement with Puntland, which some have criticized as divisive
President Hassan calls PM’s cabinet reshuffle “unconstitutional”

Garowe Online (independent), October 26 

  • In a press release from his office, the President called the brief reshuffle, which removed a key presidential aide from his post, “illegitimate” and “unconstitutional” as it was carried out without prior consultation with the head of state. 
  • The President said he had repeatedly tolerated unconstitutional acts by the PM in order to safeguard the public interest 
  • This is not the PM’s first dramatic shuffle 
  • As enshrined in article 100 of the Provisional Federal Constitution, the PM is charged with the appointment, sacking, and reshuffle of the cabinet, while the President plays a consulting role
  • Complex clan politics and personal loyalties may be fuelling the political infighting, diplomatic sources reveal.
Different Supporters for PM Abdiwali and the President hold separate meetings in Villa Somalia

Dalsan Radio (independent), October 26

  • Last night, separate meetings were held in Villa Somalia for supporters of the president and the PM.
  • This followed the President’s rejection of the PM’s cabinet shuffle, saying he was not consulted, and that he nullified the shuffle, instructing ministers to hold their posts. 
  • After this announcement, things in the VS became tense, with a number of closed-door meetings being held.
  • For unknown reasons, the PM later left the VS with his supporters.
  • The supporters of both men have tried to attract more ministers to their ranks, with a presidential aide promising property and job security in exchange for forcing out the PM. 
  • This is not the first disagreement between the two men, but this time the disagreement is different because the PM has the full backing of the international community.
3) Tensions between Somaliland and Puntland Government Over Oil
UN warns of Puntland-Somaliland oil conflict

Garowe Online (independent), October 21 

  • The UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea has warned of looming instability in Northern Somalia as a result of the Oil Protection Unit being proposed by Somaliland’s separatist administration 
  • Though Somaliland has promised to comply with the weaponry embargo on Somalia, the move could trigger armed confrontations between the two countries, particularly in the deputed territory of Sool 
  • The Monitoring Group has advised Somaliland not to attempt to import any weapons or training without UNSC consent, recommending political dialogue to resolve disputes over resource allocation and the cessation of all commercial activity in the oil sector 
  • Somaliland has granted oil exploration licenses to several foreign companies. The licenses have been strongly disputed by the SFG and Puntland. 
  • Diplomatic sources reveal that the proliferation of Western commercial oil exploration companies is likely to risk deeply embedding political divisions 
  • In august, clan militias attacked foreign oil exports in the Sool region.
Somalia says reviewing oil deals UN says lack transparency

Mareeg Media (independent), October 25th  

  • As energy firms eye Somalia’s coastline, the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group says that Mogadishu has signed a series of contracts and cooperation agreement that highlight transparency and accountability issues in state petroleum institutions
  • The report says that such deals were likely to exacerbate tensions and ownership disputes.
  • The breakaway territory of Somaliland and the semi-autonomous Puntland have granted their own licenses for some of the same blocks.
  • Western diplomats have often said the government’s limited capacity and experience in negotiating complex energy deals could result in a poor return for Somalia. Donors have also been unnerved by earlier reports that cited cases of government corruption
  • The latest report say that Somalia made a deal with London-based Soma Oil and Gas that had never been made public, or approved by the Federal Parliament.
4) National Army Blamed for Clan Warfare and Human Rights Abuses
Nat’l Army blamed for ‘clan warfare’ and ‘human rights abuses’

Garowe Online (independent), October 21

  • As sporadic unarmed conflict continues in Southern Somalia, UN monitors blamed unidentified SNA commanders for fuelling clan fighting in the Lower and Middle Shabelle regions.
  • A recent report indicates that the recent clan revenge attacks involve attacks on civilian settlements amounting to “gross violations of human rights”
  • UN investigators also accuse solders of being part of the clan fighting and suggest arms were leaked to clan militias.
  • The report also found that the contesting interests of rival politicians lobbying for 2, 3, and 6 region state formations and heterogeneous clan composition aggravated the security situation
  • SFG troops were accused of killing 84 civilians, razing buildings and farmland, and taking part in deliberate rapes and displacement
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