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October 14 - 20, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on October 20, 2014
1) Clashes between clans in Hiiraan
Twelve die in clashes between two clan militias in Hiiraan region

RBC Radio (independent), October 14th

  • At least 12 have been confirmed dead and more than 40 others injured after clan militias fought in Difow village.
  • The clashes came as a result of land disputes between the two clans.
  • Reports indicate that locals fear possible escalation of these clashes.
  • Difow has experienced these confrontations several times before, and previous negotiations seem to have failed to bring about lasting reconciliation.
Gov’t Delegation Reaches Hiiraan Region for Mediation of Warring Clan Militias

RBC Radio, October 18th

  • A government delegation tasked with mediating between rival clan militias has reached Beledweyn amidst national efforts to cease clan-based violence in the country.
  • The delegation from the FGS has met with AMISOM and regional government officials. The team is expected to reach Difow and Kabxanley, two small towns where the clans fought for grassing land and water resources.
  • Dozens of people have been killed and more injured in the region’s reoccurring clan conflict.
  • Local elders blamed local actors for fueling clan-based hostility.
AU Special Representative Saddened by Attack on AMISOM Peacekeepers, Urges for Calm and Restraint in Hiiran Region

Dalsan Radio (independent), October 19st

  • The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia is saddened by news coming in from Hiiran that armed men and rioters blocked and attacked AMISOM peacekeepers this morning while they were on a reconciliation mission in the area
  • The AMISOM forces were bound for Difow when they were blocked by armed men and protestors, who then opened fire on the troops.
  • The AU Special Representative emphasized that AMISOM is non-partisan and does not support a particular clan. He also expressed regret at any loss of life or injuries that occurred in the attack.
2) FGS and Puntland reach deal; Galmudug rejects
Federal, Puntland Agreement, Galmudug’s Dejection

RBC Radio (independent), October 19th

  • The agreement between Puntland and the FGS has alleviated longstanding tensions between the two sides and has reversed most of the corrosive ideas conceived in Mogadishu around the Central State of Somalia
  • The agreement states that the CSS will not change Puntland boundaries but instead consists of South Mudug and Galuduud regions.
  • The president of Galmudug has criticized the agreement and blamed the Prime Minister for supporting and safeguarding clan-based administrations. During an interview with VOA, the President resorted to generalizations and blame games, failing to use common sense to analyze the situation.
Central Somalia Administrations Boycott Garowe Agreement

Mareeg Media (independent), October 16th

  • Administrations in Central Somalia regions have boycotted the agreement signed between the FGS and the regional state of Puntland.
  • The administrations of Himan, Heb, Galmudug and Ahlu Suna Wal Jama’a termed the agreement unconstitutional
  • They called on Somali president and the federal Parliament to intervene. Galmudug president told the media it was unacceptable for the federal government to violate the constitution that states two regions or more can form a regional state.
A Somali Politician Criticizes an Article in the Recent Garowe Agreement

Dalsan Radio, October 15th

  • Politician Abdullahi Hassan Abukar told Dalsan Radio that he opposes the recent agreement signed by the FGs and Puntland
  • In an interview with Dalsan Radio, he pointed out that the article in the agreement stipulating that the part of Mudug which is currently under Puntland will not be part of the new state to be formed for the central parts of Somalia
  • He stated that it is sickening from the international community to witness the contradicting agreements that are turning Somali communities who line in that region against each other.
Puntland clinches deal with Federal Govt

Garowe Online, October 14th

  • The Puntland government has clinched a deal with the FGS after three intense days of talks.
  • According to the agreement, the recent tripartite agreement by the administrations in Galmudug, Himan, and Heeb with the paramilitary group of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamea on the formation of a federal state in central Somalia will not affect Puntland boundaries.
  • Garowe and Mogadishu will cooperate on the establishment of an inclusive and united national army, and have agreed to the even distribution of international assistance.
Galmudug voices opposition to Federal Govt-Puntland Agreement

Garowe Online, October 15th

  • The Galmudug administration has opposed the Puntland-FGS deal, calling it unconstitutional
  • Galmudug leader Abdi Hassan Awale Qaybdiid stated that the formation of a federal state consisting of a region and a half runs counter to the Provisional Federal Constitution, and would turn the communities against one another
  • He added that the tripartite deal by central Somalia authorities paved the way for the founding of a two-region autonomous state, stating that the Prime Minister was dividing the country along tribal lines.
3) Calls for Justice for Detained Journalists in Mogadishu
Union, Journalists, Call for justice for Detained Journalists in Mogadishu

RBC Online, October 20th

  • The NUSOJ and journalists protested in Mogadishu against the two month long imprisonment of four radio journalists on charges of propaganda against government security operations.
  • At the protest, the journalists and union officials urged the federal government to unconditionally release the four Shabelle Media journalists, noting that the arrested journalists have now spent 67 in prison without trial, which is unlawful under the country’s constitution.
  • The Shabelle radio director demanded that security officials return the radio equipment confiscated during raids, saying that dozens of journalists who have lost their jobs need to return to work.
  • Shabelle radio and its sister station SKY FM have been described as unethical news media influenced by clan politics.
Somali Journalists Call for the Release of Arrested Media Workers

Dalsan Radio (independent) , October 20th

  • 50 journalists from independent media houses in Mogadishu gathered at the offices of Radio Shabelle to call for the release of arrested journalists.
  • They called on the government to bring the media workers to trial or release them.
  • The media workers have been imprisoned since August 15th.
4) Attorney General Blasts “unofficial judges”
Attorney General blasts “unofficial judges” sentenced people to death penalties in court

RBC Radio (independent), October 20th

  • Somalia’s Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir has dismissed allegations from the country’s Chief of Justice who accused the Justice Ministry of seeking absolute power to hinder the independence of the judiciary.
  • Mr. Dahir rebuffed criticism from the Chief Justice that he was not approved by the Judiciary Service Council, saying that he was appointed and sworn in through the same procedure as the Chief Justice.
  • He also raised several new issues, saying that “unofficial judges” operating in the country’s courts have sentenced hundreds of defendants to a range of punishments, including death.
  • He said that they have documented more than 30 judges who have been operating with unofficial documents, and vowed to clean up the corrupt and unofficial judges in the country’s courts starting with Mogadishu.
  • In a press conference in Mogadishu the country’s Chief of Justice opposed a new Justice Reform Initiative launched by the Ministry of Justice. It is intended to modernize the justice sector and combat growing concerns about corruption.
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