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October 06 - 13, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Somalia
Posted on October 13, 2014
1) Television Journalist Wounded in Attack
Television Journalist Wounded in an Attack in Mogadishu, NUSOJ Condemns Attach Attach

Dalsan Radio (independent), dated October 12th

  • The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has condemned at attack on journalist Abdirisak Jama Elmi (known as “Black”) that took place outside his home in Mogadishu
  • Elmi was sitting outside his home when unknown gunmen opened fire, hitting him in his stomach.
  • Elmi was rushed to hospital, where the NUSOJ reports that he is in serious condition, despite the reports of several doctors that he is in good condition.
  • The NUSOJ condemns what they are calling a barbaric attack intended to weaken the ability of journalists in serving the public, and have called on the government to investigate the incident.
  • Elmi has been involved in the Media Law Review Committee and has received death threats from al Shabab for his involvement in the review process. Several other committee members have also been threatened.
TV Journalist Wounded in Mogadishu Gun Attack

Garowe Online (independent) , dated October 12th

  • A journalist working for a UK-based Somali Television station is in critical health after unknown assailants in a car fired at him in front of his home in Mogadishu’s black sea neighborhood.
  • Relatives say he had been receiving death threats via text message.
  • A Mogadishu-based university lecturer was also injured in the attack.
  • Nobody claimed credit for the shooting, but Al Shabaab has often targeted Somali government officials and foreigners in planned assassinations.
  • The NUSOJ has condemned the incident.
Somali Journalist Wounded in Mogadishu
  • Mareeg Media (independent), dated October 12th
  • A Somali journalist has survived an assassination attack despite sustaining serious wounds in his stomach.
  • The motive behind the attack, as well as the people responsible remains unclear.
  • Friends say that Elmi had been receiving life-threatening messages from unknown individuals for the last few weeks.
2) Somali Military Equipment Sold on the Open Market
Somalia Army Weapons Sold on Open Market: UN Monitors

Kismaayo (Independent) , dated October 11th

  • Somali army weapons and ammunition continue to be diverted to open markets despite the government’s pledges to prevent its arms from ending up in the hands of Islamist militants.
  • The Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group said that there had been improvements in government reports on the contents of its armories, but suggested the situation remains unsatisfactory.
  • The report stated that the FGS has not imported weapons into Somalia in full compliance with the modifications to its arms embargo by the Security Council.
  • In the report, the monitors said that a number of assault rifles provided by Ethiopia had ended up for sale on the streets of the Somali capital.
  • Arms dealers stated that al Shabab agents were procuring weapons in at least one of the markets.
  • The monitoring group concluded that SNA officers sold the weapons illegally, or that the weapons have been sold at a higher level and the SNA’s supporting documentation has been doctored or manufactured as a cover for the missing weapons.
  • The report added that they have consistently received testimony about high level Somali involvement in direct transfers of the arms to markets and to al Shabab.
UN Monitoring Group Accuses Somalia Federal Government of Importing Weapons Which End Up In the Hands of Al Shabab

RBC Radio (independent) , dated October 11th

  • A UN monitoring group has disclosed that the arms of the Federal Government are sold in open markets in Mogadishu
  • It indicated that al Shabaab had ben outsourcing the armies of the FG from Mogadishu arms markets
  • Arms dealers have also stated that al Shabaab agents were procuring weapons in at least one of the markets.
3) Talks between Somalia and Puntland held in Garowe
Somali PM Convenes Three-day Roundtable Meeting in Puntland

Garowe Online , dated October 11th

  • The FGS’ Prime Minister and Puntland’s President has convened a three day roundtable meeting in the capital of Garowe.
  • The two governments have locked horns over the sharing of foreign aid and the Provisional Federal Constitution, items expected to dominate the agenda
  • The need for good ties with federal states remains a priority for the FG despite the many security challenges it is facing.
  • Puntland has repeatedly accused Mogadishu of failing to uphold the Federal Constitution, and of failing to honour agreements to share international aid and intelligence, implement a national tariff system, form an Upper House and neutralize the SNA
Prime Minister Abdiweli Launches Three-Day Talk Between FGS and Puntland

Radio (independent), October 12
RBC Radio (independent), October 12

  • Crucial talks were launched between the FGS and the Puntland state of Somalia. The Prime Minister arrived in Garowe to have an honest and open dialogue with the Puntland authorities to resolve current political differences and revive trust and confidence between the FGS and Puntland.
  • His aim is to find a common political settlement on a number of issues, including the provisional constitution, sharing of resources and power, as well as restoring unity.
Puntland, Federal Govt Make Breakthrough in Talks

Garowe Online, October 12th

  • Two committees representing the Mogadishu-based Federal Government and the state of Puntland have made a major breakthrough in roundtable talks in Garowe.
  • Sources indicate that negotiators and delegates from both sides have drafted 11 preliminary points.
  • Among the sticking points were the formation of a central state in central Somalia, foreign aid quotas and Puntland’s role in the state building process.
4) Fighting Erupts in Galgaduud
Fighting Erupts in Galgaduud

Dalsan Radio, dated October 9th

  • Clan militias fought at Heralle in Galgaduud Region after some militants attempted to close down a public water pool
  • At least 4 people died in the fighting, and many others were wounded.
  • The security forces are now trying to contain the tension.

AN: Galgaduud is a region that has seen a high level of violence between clans over the past few years. In June 2014, fighting broke out in the countryside, leaving many people dead or wounded. Reports suggest that even after that violence died down, tensions between clans in the region have been mounting steadily.

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