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6-27 July 2016

Media Monitoring Report for Rwanda
Posted on July 29, 2016

Compiled by Berta Fürstová

  1. Rwanda dismissed allegation of deployment to South Sudan
  2. Rwanda castigated the latest HRW’s report
1. Rwanda dismissed allegation of deployment to South Sudan
Private independent newspapers

 “Rwanda dismisses allegation of deployment to South Sudan” by Peter Mugabo. News of Rwanda, 20th July 2016

  • The government of Rwanda has denied allegation that it has pledged more troops to South Sudan as a result of the crisis that escalated in the country.
  • Media in Western countries allegedly wrote that the country has secretly deployed more peacekeepers. Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwanda’s Minister for Foreign Affairs said: “I have no idea of other soldiers from Rwanda being sent to south Sudan.”
  • She added: “Rwanda and other African countries are ready to give more soldiers if asked to. However, there are procedures that have to be followed before entering another country.” 
2. Rwanda castigated the latest HRW’s report
Private but pro-government newspapers

 “Latest Human Rights Watch report slammed for 'irresponsible activism” by Rodrigue Rwirahira. New Times, 22nd July 2016

  • Justice minister Johnston Busingye has castigated the latest report by Human Rights Watch, saying its contents, just like previous ones, are representative of “irresponsible human rights activism.”
  • Minister Busingye said, just like the other reports by the US-based organisation, this report is more about scoring “cheap political points” than promoting human rights.
  • The report – Rwanda: Locking up the Poor – quoted anonymous sources and makes accusations that government maintains illegal detention facilities, in which economically disadvantaged Rwandans are hidden from public view.
  • The report claims that those targeted for arbitrary arrests are street vendors, idlers and homeless people, claiming that they are tortured and subjected to harsh conditions with no access to basics like water, food and sanitation.
  • Specifically, the report cited cases of inhuman conditions at three transit centres of Muhanga (Muhanga District), Mbazi (Huye District), and Mudende in Rubavu District. The other centre cited in the report, for the second time, is the one in Gikondo in Kicukuro District.
  • Minister Busingye said: “Human Rights Watch has not, as usual, provided any evidence of torture in any rehab centre beyond what we find to be incredible and unsubstantiated allegations founded on their trademark ‘credible sources’. Despite the serious allegations, the report does not name a single victim or suspect. We don’t find it useful spending time investigating crime on the basis of wild speculation.“
  • According to New Times Human Rights Watch has over the years authored reports that have largely been seen as a political campaign against the Government of Rwanda other than promoting human rights.


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