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1-7 February 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Rwanda
Posted on February 11, 2016

Compiled by Berta Fürstová

1. Rwanda is not recruiting Burundian refugees, says FM Mushikiwabo

1. Rwanda is not recruiting Burundian refugees, says FM Mushikiwabo 
Private but pro-government newspapers

 “Rwanda's interest is a stable and secure Burundi - Mushikiwabo” by Doreen Umutesi. New Times, 6th February 2016

  • The Government of Rwanda spokesperson, Louise Mushikiwabo has cautioned against using Rwanda as a scapegoat for the ongoing crisis in Burundi.
  • "The Burundi crisis is very serious, and of Burundi leaders' own making, and the sooner the international community focuses on that, and not look for scapegoats, the better," said Mushikiwabo, adding that the Burundian leaders who created the crisis are the one who should take lead in ending it for the sake of their own people.
  • Mushikiwabo's comments were in reaction to allegations contained in a confidential report to the UN Security Council accusing Rwanda of recruiting and training Burundian refugees with the goal of ousting Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.
  • The report by UN experts who monitor sanctions on DR Congo claims that a handful of rebel fighters, told the sanctions monitors that they conducted training in a forest camp in Rwanda. Mushikiwabo, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, questioned the credibility of these young Burundian men found in the Congo forest.
  • According to the leaked report, the rebels were from Mahama Refugee camp in Rwanda which is host to over 50,000 Burundian refugees. The allegations probably come from the fact that Rwanda has been hosting refugees considered hostile to Bujumbura.
  • Jean-Bosco Kwibishatse, the Mahama refugee representative, also dismissed the claims of recruiting and training Burundian refugees.
  • Meanwhile, a recent report of the East African Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolution on the deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation in Burundi also said there was no adequate evidence to prove claims that Rwanda is militarily training Burundi refugees.


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