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20-26 July, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Rwanda (20-26 July, 2015)
Posted on July 30, 2015

Compiled by Berta Fürstová

Report content

1. Constitution amendment: MPs started countrywide consultations; people expressing their consent

1. Constitution amendment: MPs started countrywide consultations; people expressing their consent
Private but pro-government newspapers

New Times, 20th July 2015  “Term limits: MPs begin nationwide consultations” by Eugene Kwibuka

  • Members of both chambers of Parliament have begun a countrywide tour to collect public views on the proposed amendment of Article 101 of the Constitution to ensure President Paul Kagame continues leadership after 2017.
  • For about three weeks from July 20, both senators and deputies will traverse all the country’s 416 sectors.
  • They will be talking to local farmers, business leaders, teachers and university lecturers, as well as members of the civil society such as religious leaders, women leaders, people living with disabilities, and youth leaders.

New Times, 24th July 2015. “Too early to replace Kagame - Musanze, Nyanza residents” by J.D Mbonyinshuti & Emmanuel Ntirenganya

  • Musanze and Nyanza district residents want lawmakers to amend the Constitution to allow President Paul Kagame run for another term.
  • In Musanze, Kacaca Sector, cheerful residents were chanting patriotic songs. While many praised Kagame as a freedom fighter who stopped the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, others praised his indisputable achievements in areas of peace, unity and reconciliation, and economy, among others.
  • In Muyira Sector, Nyanza District, residents said they do not want to risk because the consequences of removing Kagame after 2017 are unpredictable.

New Times, 25th July 2015 “Term limits: Eastern Province residents say they want Kagame to stay on” by Stephen Rwembeho

  • Residents from the Eastern Province have called for the lifting of term limits to ensure the continued leadership of President Paul Kagame beyond 2017.
  • Others said term limits were undemocratic because they deny them the right to choose a leader of their choice.
  • Jeanne d’Arc Uwimanimpaye, a deputy Speaker of Parliament, said the discussions showed democracy.
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