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March 23-29, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Rwanda
Posted on April 1, 2015

Compiled by Berta Fürstová

Report content

  1. Another district officials arrested
  2. Rwandan security experts call for ´Umoja Wetu´ 
1. Another district official arrested
Private but pro-government newspapers

“‘Rubavu mayor Bahame arrested over corruption” by Edwin Musoni
New Times, 24th March 2015

  • The Mayor of Rubavu District, Sheikh Hassan Bahame, was arrested over graft. His arrest came just days after the Police had arrested Judith Kayitesi, the district notary, on similar charges.
  • Western Region Police spokesperson, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu, said: „Kayitesi received Rwf4 million from a contractor who wanted his file at the district fast-tracked. She was caught red-handed with the money and, during interrogations, she implicated Bahame.“
  • He added that Kayitesi alleged that Bahame had told her to meet the contractor and receive the money on his behalf.

“‘Nyaruguru District officials arrested over funds mismanagement” by Emmanuel Ntirenganya
New Times, 26th March 2015 

  • Police arrested six Nyaruguru District residents over charges of corruption. Two sector officials, two cell executives and two businessmen in the Southern Province district have been jailed over various allegations including embezzlement, mismanagement of funds and other illicit practices.
  • The arrested are Jean Christophe Bugingo, Jean Pierre Mugwiza, Benoit Ngendahayo, Leonce Nakure, Devota Mukabatsinda and Jean Baptiste Simugomwa.
  • Confirming the arrests, CSP Simon Peter Mukama, Regional Police Commander for Southern Province, warned that more arrests were possible. “The District sent us reports containing accusations against the personnel in question, and those with tangible evidence have been arrested but onto whom the audit is still being done, are not yet arrested. If they are probable reasons, they will be arrested and take before the prosecution,” he said. 
2. Rwandan security experts call for Umoja Wetu
Private but pro-government newspapers

“‘New mandate for Monusco is inconsequential - experts” by Eugene Kwibuka
New Times, 28th March 2015 

  • Peace and security experts have said that a renewed mandate of the MONUSCO will not help protect civilians in eastern Congo against insecurity caused by armed militias such as the FDLR. The UN Security Council voted to extend the mandate of MONUSCO and its Intervention Brigade until March 31, 2016, and task the force to continue the fight against FDLR, as well as other armed groups such as the Ugandan rebel outfits, ADF and LRA. 
  • Dr. Alice Karekezi, a lecturer and researcher at the University of Rwanda’s Centre for Conflict Management, said it remains unclear how the extension will assist in attaining MONUSCO’s objective to disarm armed groups.
  • Zeno Mutimura, the chairperson of the parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security, said there is no hope that MONUSCO will fight FDLR. He said the UN force has done nothing since arriving in DR Congo and recommended that joint forces between regional countries’ armies and the Congolese army can do better in fighting the militia. 
  • “‘Umoja Wetu’ is better than the idea that MONUSCO will do anything. The biggest threat of FDLR is the spread of genocide ideology, we have to deal with that, we should take responsibility of our own issues,” Mutimura said. Umoja Wetu, which means ‘Our Unity’, refers to joint military offensive against the FDLR which was conducted by the Rwandan army and the Congolese army in 2009. 
  • Aloys Mahwa, the executive director of the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Centre in Kigali, said MONUSCO will face international pressure being asked why people continue to die in eastern DR Congo when the UN force is on the ground. Mahwa also calls for a strong monitoring and evaluation of MONUSCO’s achievements in terms of fighting armed groups. 
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