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September 29 - October 05, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Rwanda
Posted on October 5, 2014
1. Rwanda will be helpful in Lake Rweru bodies investigation, says Kagame
Private independent newspapers

News of Rwanda, 1st October 2014
“‘Kagame clears air on Lake Rweru corpses” by Gahiji Innocent

  • Rwanda has been waiting for any request from Burundi to help investigate the bodies which have appeared on the Burundian side of Lake Rweru, said President Kagame in interview with American network MSNBC. However, the government in Bujumbura has not made any request.
2. FDLR will remain exclusively made of „Nordists“ only
Private independent newspapers

News of Rwanda, 1st October 2014
„Inside FDLR policy to remain exclusively “Nordists” only“ by Gahiji Innocent

  • A UN report says that FDLR combatants handed over by their commanders for surrender are not “Northerners”. Senior commanders in the FDLR have released combatants who mainly originate from southern regions of Rwanda and deliberately keep those from Northern Rwanda.
  • According to UN research, among those released, at least 70% are branded as “Sudists” by their commanders who do not consider them loyal to the FDLR cause.
  • According to the study, northerners are from Gisenyi, Ruhengeri, Byumba, Kigali and the northern part of Kigali Rurale. Gisenyi, in the northwest, is considered the core of the northern bloc because former Rwanda leader President Juvenal Habyarimana was from there.
  • For example, FDLR commander, Gen. Sylvestre Mudacumura is also from Gisenyi. The FDLR interim president Gaston Iyamuremye, known also as Rumuli, is from Ruhengeri.
  • Southerners are considered from Kibuye, Cyangugu, Gikongoro, Gitarama, Butare, Kibungo and southern part of Kigali Rurale; the core area being Gitarama and Butare.
  • The UN study says: „FDLR command has reinforced the northerners by shedding elements from the south of Rwanda. If this is the case, then internal cohesion might go up while overall FDLR numbers go down. However, a progressive reliance on northerners will undermine the FDLR’s national agenda.”
3. Mutabazi trial: Two sentenced to life in prison, two acquitted
Private but pro-government newspapers

New Times, 4th October 2014
„Lt. Mutabazi sentenced to life as two are acquitted in terror trial“ by Edwin Musoni

  • The Military High Court sentenced Lt. Joel Mutabazi and one of his co-accused, Joseph Nshimiyimana, to life in prison and stripped him of his military ranks, in a ruling that lasted for about nine hours.
  • The two were jointly tried with 14 others, two of whom were acquitted, while the rest were sentenced to various prison terms, ranging from four months to 25 years.
  • "The court finds Mutabazi guilty on all charges," said the presiding judge, Maj. Bernard Rugamba Hakizimana. Prosecution had accused Mutabazi of terrorism, setting up an armed group, spreading rumours with the intention of inciting the public to rise up against the state, murder, crimes against the state, illegal possession of a firearm and deserting the military.
  • Judge Hakizimana also sentenced Nshimiyimana, a former FDLR officer, to life in prison saying: „Nshimiyimana is guilty on all charges against him.“ He was found guilty of terrorism, setting up an armed group, spreading rumours with the intention of inciting the public to rise up against the state, murder and crimes against the state.
  • Two others were acquitted. They included Jean de Dieu Nizigiyeho, who was found guilty on some charges but acquitted on grounds that he reported the case to authorities which led to the crackdown against the group. The other one, Dativa Murekeyisoni, was also acquitted because she cooperated and there was no tangible evidence incriminating her.
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