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January 21-27, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Nigeria
Posted on January 26, 2015

Compiled by Claire Duguid

Report Content:

1.Targeted Attacks
2. Military Response to Boko Haram

Targeted Attacks

Gunmen Kill 9 in Taraba Village
Daily Trust, Abuja-based Daily, January 22 2015

  • 9 people were killed after gunmen attacked Kente village in Wukari LGA, Taraba State. The gunmen razed most of the village’s houses then fled.
  • Police are still looking for many missing residents of the area and also for the attackers.

Boko Haram Gunmen Kill 15 in Borno
Vanguard, Lagos-based Daily, January 24 2015 

  • 15 people were killed, and the death count is still rising, by Boko Haram gunmen who attacked Kambari village, less than five kilometers outside of Maiduguri.
  • After failing to get to Maiduguri through Konduga, the insurgents attempted another route.
  • One woman from Kambari village says that four of her children are among the dead, and that she was forced to leave her home with her grandchildren. The village leader was also killed

9 Soldiers, 56 Insurgents Killed in Failed Maiduguri Invasion
Punch, Privately-owned Newspaper, January 25 2015

  • Boko Haram launched an attack on Maiduguri in an attempt to take the city, the fighting, which lasted all night, left 9 soldiers and 56 insurgents dead.
  • Hundreds of heavily armed insurgents tried to enter into the town through JinikinMoronti and were intercepted by soldiers and other security personnel and youth vigilante groups. The fighting subsided in the early morning, around 3:30am, and residents though the insurgents had retreated, but they came back soon after, causing renewed confusion and panic.
  • The military successfully pushed out the insurgents and the fighting stopped around 11am.

Boko Haram Militants Attack Adamawa Villages
Daily Trust, Abuja-based Daily, January 26 2015

  • At least six villages in Michika LGA, Adamawa State, were attacked by Boko Haram over the weekend. Some of the affected communities include Mbororo Shahu Liddle Garta, Kamale and Ghumci
  • The number of casualties has not yet been determined, most of the residents fled their homes into the bush.
  • Many of men were killed while women and children were abducted by the insurgents. Homes were looted and burned.

Benue: 17 Feared Dead In Fresh Fulani, Agatu Clash
Leadership, Abuja-based Daily, January 27 2015

  • At least 17 people died in a clash suspected to be between Fulani and Agatu farmers in Agatu LGA, Benue State.
  • It is reported that the Fulani herdsmen entered Agatu through the Loko community in Nasarawa, attacking multiple villages on the way, killing four people in Ogwule, two in Okoklo, and an unknown number in Ocholoyan.
  • An Agatu representative says that the Fulani have plans for further attacking the area and is calling on the federal government to intervene.

Military Response to Boko Haram

Baga, Chad, Nigeria Set Final Attack on Boko Haram
Vanguard, Lagos-based Daily, January 24 2015

  • The Nigerian military is finalizing plans for a last attack on Boko Haram, aimed at eliminating the group entirely. The military has recently acquired new weapons such as tanks, long range and more sophisticate rifles, and night vision equipment for tanks and aircraft.
  • Boko Haram recently released a video claiming they have enough weapons to fight Nigeria and its neighbors. Chad, Cameroon and Niger are all on alert for crossborder attacks and Chadian armed forces are planning their own attack from their side.
  • This mission is expected to help eliminate Boko Haram’s safe havens and escape routes in and out of Nigeria.
  • Residents of the areas which will be targeted have reportedly started being evacuated.

Troops Battle Boko Haram to Reclaim Monguno
Daily Trust, Abuja-based Daily, January 27 2015

  • The Nigerian Air Force battled Boko Haram militants to reclaim Monguno, a town in northern Borno State, which Boko Haram seized this past weekend. Because the fighter jets can only be used during the day, the fight has been a challenge, but there are ground troops from the Nigerian army on the way.
  • The soldiers who retreated from Monguno when it was seized by Boko Haram are now being denied access into military facilities in Maiduguri.
  • At least 15 soldiers and 25 civilians were killed during the violence in Monguno over the weekend.

Vladimir Duthiers (@vladduthiers): CBS Correspondent

  • “ ‘Boko Haram’s campaign of terror has emerged as the single most important issue facing #Nigeria.’ via Oga at the top @toluogunlesi @nytimes.”
  • “Survivor of #BokoHaram massacre in #Nigeria said, some people were slaughtered ‘like insects’.”
  • “John Kerry speaking @wef says #BokoHaram has flourished because of inability of #Nigeria govt to secure its territory & provide for its ppl.”

Will Ross (@willintune): BBC Correspondent Nigeria

  • “More uncertainty over Nigeria's elections as National Security Advisor recommends a postponement so all voter cards are given out.”
  • “Back from Jos and it's interesting and slightly worrying how sure Buhari supporters are that he will win. V high expectations = dangerous.”
  • “I don't think 30 million voter cards can be delivered so postponement is best bet says Nigeria's National Security Advisor.”
  • “Nigeria's electoral commission says all can be ready in time. Like a footie manager saying match can be won when 10-0 down with 5 mins to go.”
  • “Horrific testimony from a woman who escaped Boko Haram captivity in Baga. Many women held."They're raping our daughters," she tells BBCHausa.”
  • “Poisonous election adverts all over Nigeria's newspapers. Guess there are no rules which is no surprise here.”
  • “Maiduguri city under attack by Boko Haram. Residents woke to sound of heavy gunfire.”
  • “ ‘ongoing attacks by Boko Haram are significant + grim news. We believe 00's of 000's of civilians are now at grave risk’ - Amnesty Int.”
  • “Maybe Kerry should really be meeting Nigeria's presidential candidates' campaign people who are the source of much of the poison.”
  • “One of best ways to fight back against Boko Haram is to protect peaceful elections.”
  • “The challenge for the military is to cope with simultaneous Boko Haram attacks on multiple fronts. 1 city + 2 towns were targeted on Sunday.”


Impending Election

Will Ross (@willintune): BBC Correspondent Nigeria

  • “11 days to Nigeria’s election and…millions don’t have voter cards, bombs going off everyday, court case trying to block Buhari standing” (3 February 2015)
  • “Car bomb exploded outside a stadium in Gombe State just a few minutes after President Goodluck Jonathan had left the venue. 3 dead, 18 injured.” (2 February 2015)
  • “Insecurity during the election campaign is increasing. Over the weekend bombs in Potiskum _ Gombe as well as Maiduguri + Damboa attacks.” (2 February 2015)
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