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November 19 - 26, 2014

Media Monitoring Report for Nigeria
Posted on November 26, 2014


Compiled by Claire Duguid

  1. Hate Speech
  2. Forced Displacement
  3. Targeted Attacks

Hate Speech
EU, U.S. Condemn Shema’s ‘cockroaches of politics’ Statement

Daily Independent, Lagos-based Daily, November 21 2014

  • Ibrahim Shehu Shema, State Governor of Katsina, while speaking out against the APC, made this statement: “You should not be bordered with cockroaches of politics. You know what to do when you have a cockroach in your house, you kill it, yes, you must crush them.”
  • The EU and U.S. have condemned this statement, urging Nigerians not to resort to violence before, during, or after the elections. The statement is especially worrying as it echoes the language proliferated during the Rwandan Genocide
Forced Displacement
Residents flee Lafia over Fulani attack

Vanguard, Lagos-based Daily, November 19 2014

  • The crisis in Nasarawa State is continuing to force people from their homes and head to neighboring states for safety.
  • Lafia is described as turning into a ghost town as residents run from threats of attacks by Fulani herdsmen. Many people from neighboring towns had fled to Lafia for safety, and now have to leave once again.
  • One resident says the Fulani attacks are in Eggon-dominated areas, and Eggon communities are continuing to be threatened.
Boko Haram Sacks 7 Northeast Emirs In 3 Months, As Military Cuts Off Food Supply

Leadership, Abuja-based Daily, November 23 2014

  • Insurgency violence in the northeast has led to a break –down of state institutions. Since September, half of Borno’s emirs have relocated to safer areas, five are now taking refuge with the Shehu of Borno while others have been displaced to Maiduguri and Yola.
  • Hundreds of district leaders have also relocated to safer areas. Though the military has been able to recapture some of the raided towns, the areas remain unfit for living after being burned and ransacked.
  • As a new strategy for battling Boko Haram, the military has begun cutting off food and supplies from the north of Adamawa State.
Targeted Attacks
At least 45 dead in suspected Boko Haram attack in Borno

Vanguard, Lagos-based Daily, November 21 2014

  • A suspected Boko Haram attack in Azaya village, Borno State left at least 45 dead and 50 injured. This area, Mafa, has been repeatedly attacked by Boko Haram, including kidnappings, murders, and daily raids.
  • 45 bodies were counted after the attack but residents say that there are others who died in the bush after fleeing.
  • The town has been heavily damaged, more than half of the houses were burned down and many vehicles were stolen and destroyed.
Sultan Decries Blame Game As Boko Haram Kills 56 Fishermen in Baga

Leadership, Abuja-based Daily, November 24 2014

  • 56 people, 48 fishermen and 8 others, were killed by suspected Boko Haram members. The attackers beheaded and slit the throats of the 48 fishermen, and drowned 8 who had resisted.
  • This is not an isolated event, Boko Haram has targeted other fishing communities, and in May 2013 there was a similar attack in the same area.
  • A spokesman of the Fish Traders Association at Lake Chad Basin says, about the attack, it is “the most bestial of all massacres I have ever witnessed.”
Fresh Attacks in Nasarawa villages

Daily Trust, Abuja-based Daily, November 24 2014

  • Keana LGA and the Doma area in Nasarawa State were attacked by suspected Fulanis, the number of casualties is yet to be determined. Neighboring settlements, Eggon villages, had been attacked along the way.
  • This area has been attacked three times in the past week, in a prior attack a community leader was killed and many women were abducted.
  • The police deployed troops to stop the attacks but no one was arrested, and the attacks continued.
3 Feared Killed in Oyo Attack

Daily Trust, Abuja-based Daily, November 24 2014

  • Ibadan South West LGA was raided by suspected political thugs, three people are feared dead, 200 shops and 10 houses were burned, and vehicles were destroyed and stolen.
  • The attackers arrived in the morning, and shot sporadically in the streets while vandalizing property and forcing residents to leave.
Insurgents Disguise as traders, Kill Scores in Fresh Borno Attack

Vanguard, Lagos-based Daily, November 25 2014

  • Attackers, suspected to be Boko Haram insurgents, raided Damasak, Borno State, using IEDs, killing many of the town’s residents.
  • The gunmen were apparently disguised as traders and began shooting at a market in the town. Other accounts of the attack say that the weapons were brought into the market in concealed containers, and that the gunmen were disguised as soldiers.
  • The Joint Task Force sent in was unable to deter the attackers, and fled the town with the residents.

Rawya Rageh (RawyaRageh): Freelance Journalist

  • “Speaker at APC rally to crowd - "When I say 'Change,' you say 'Change Jonathan'" #Nigeria2015.”
  • “Amaechi accuses govt of putting security forces "in their pocket" - They are either Jonathan's police, or they're #Nigeria's police" #pt.”
  • “Buhari describes ruling PDP as "corrupt, inefficient" #APCSalvationRally #Nigeria2015.” 
  • “This incident at parliament bldg will take already inflamed sitn btw #Nigeria opstn & ruling party to whole new level.
  • “#Nigeria military statement says 'exaggerated' reports on role of hunters fighting #BokoHaram aim to 'ridicule' army.”
  • “#Nigeria's umbrella Islamic organization issues statement lashing out at military's handling of #BokoHaram describing it as ‘embarrassing’.”
  • “#Nigeria's politics are starting to take a very worrying sectarian tone.. Elections & #BokoHaram crisis underscoring Muslim-Christian divide.”

Will Ross (@willintune): BBC Correspondent Nigeria

  • “Obasanjo marks the current Nigerian government's performance "below average". No surprise.”
  • “Yet another horrific Boko Haram attack.48 fish traders killed near Lake Chad Thursday. Some had throats slit others were tied up and drowned.”
  • “The 2 Nigeria's becomes more apparent every week. The people going through hell with Boko Haram + the rest.” 
  • “2.7 billion dollars - Lagos State's budget for 2015. Country within a country. Nigeria.” 
  • “President Jonathan been in Chad again. Calls for more cooperation between countries in region against Boko Haram. Peace talks? God knows.”
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