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7-13 February 2016

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Mali
Posted on February 15, 2016


Compiled by Tinah Dembele

  1. Jihadist kill 6 UN peacekeepers in
  2. Refugees in Mauritania need support
  3. Tensions between Tuaregs and Black Malians delays reconciliation 



1. Jihadists kill 6 UN peacekeepers in
State- owned media

 « Mali: six Casques bleus et trois militaires maliens tués dans des attaques jihadistes » Maliweb, February 13, 2016

  • During two separate attacks on February 12, 2016 , jihadists  killed six UN soldiers in the north of Mali
  • The regions of Kidal continues to be one of the targets of many attacks, making it the main security focus in the upcoming months
  • As part of Europe’s mission to train the Malian army (EUTM French acronym), Germany will deploy an additional 650 soldiers to assist with security measures


2. Refugees in Mauritania need support
International news 

 “Mauritania: UN Agencies Press Donors to Keep Up Vital Support for Malian Refugees in Mauritania” AllAfrica, February 11, 2016

  • Close to 50,000 (including over 36 thousand children) Malians live in Mberra’s refugee camp (Mauritania)
  • Aid  for these refugees is made possible by the joint efforts of UNICEF, UNHCR and the United Nations World Food Program
  • The UN agencies will be counting on its partners along with donors to continue financial assistances as there is little hope of the refugees returning home due to the rising violence in northern Mali
  • It is estimated that aid to these refugees amounts to U.S $5.3 million
3. Tensions between Tuareg and Black Malian delay reconciliation
Privately Owned Media

« La stigmatisation des Touaregs du Mali, obstacle aux accords de paix » Malijet, February 9 2016

  • Returning to Timbuktu after being exiled, Fadimata Ghaicha Walet Ibrahim, a 60 year old Tuareg women, has witnessed Black Malians violently attacking Tuaregs and setting their homes on fire, after being told to do so by soldiers
  • Tuareg rebel groups such as ( Mouvement National de Libération de l’Azawad -MNLA), the National Liberation Movement of Azawad, who orchestrated violent attacks against the Malian government as they pushed for independence of the north of Mali, widened the tension between both groups
  • According to newly signed peace accords, Tuareg rebels will integrate Malian political administrations, the army and police forces


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