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18 December 2015 - 9 January 2016

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Mali
Posted on January 15, 2016


Compiled by Tinah Dembele

  1. Kidnapping in Tombouctou
  2. School closures
  3. Presence of jihadists in the north and spreading to the north-east regions


1. Kidnapping in Tombouctou
Privately-owned media

Mali Web, Jan 9 2016: Selon une information de RFI, une ressortissante suisse a été enlevée jeudi par des hommes armés à Tombouctou, dans le nord du Mali. La jeune femme avait déjà été enlevée en avril 2012 par des islamistes armés.

  • A Swiss woman was kidnapped in the northern city of Tombouctou. The victim has been living in Mali for the past couple of years. In 2002, this same woman was abducted by Islamist radicals and then released thanks to negotiations led by the Burkina Faso government.
  • Al-Qaida's division of North Africa has two other foreigners in captivity, one South African and Swedish man taken in 2011 also in Tombouctou.
2. School closures
International media

All Africa, December 18 2015: Mali: More Than 380,000 Children Out of School in Northern Mali, Three Months Into School Year

  • Due to thefts, political instability and violent raids close to 300 schools have been closed in the north of Mali. In Kidal, for example, 79% of the schools remain closed. 
  • These schools which served 7 to 15 years old are lacking not just in security but also in employees. About 600 teachers have ceased to come to work or are exiled.
  • UNICEF is launching the 'Every Child Counts" campaign where students will be taught the importance of peace and living in harmony within Malian society.
3. Presence of jihadists

RFI 21 December 2015 : Après avoir un moment disparu des radars, les islamistes sont de plus en plus présents sur le terrain dans le nord du Mali, surtout dans la région de Tombouctou

  • In the North of Mali, presence of the North Africa Islamic branch of al-Qaida is strongly felt. From the violent attack on three radio Tahnint (known as the Christian radio station) hosts to the presence of jihadists in the streets.
  • In Bouchebea, during a community meeting jihadists threatened civilians and distributed USB keys full of propaganda
  • The violence is slowly moving towards the north east region of the country, as to avoid the French troops who have deployed to the north of the country for peace keeping initiatives.
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