September 29 - October 5, 2015

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Mali
Posted on October 7, 2014

1. Mali Peace talks suspended until mid-October
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“La seconde phase des pourparlers d’Alger observe une pause : Un projet d’accord en vue dès la reprise”, Bamako, in French, 29 Sep 2014

  • Initiated on 1 September, the first round of the second phase of peace talks inclusive between armed groups and Malian authorities ended on 25 September.
  • According to sources close to the mediation, this break is due to the Eid el Adha holiday.

2. PMS, civil society and armed groups express firce opposition to Federalism
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“Pourparlers d’Alger : L’Assemblée nationale s’oppose à l’autonomie des régions du nord”, in French, 29 Sep 2014

  • The National Assembly of Mali adopted a declaration in which it denounces any propositions to create a special status for northern Mali, rejecting the ideas of autonomy, federalism and independence. 
  • The Assembly welcomed the mobilization of Malian across the country to say no to independence and separatism. 

“Pour exprimer leur farouche opposition à la partition du pays : Les populations de la Cité des Balanzan battent le pavé”, Bamako, in French, 2 Oct 2014

  • According to an informed source, thousands of people took marched in the streets of Ségou to express their opposition to the partition of Mali on September 30, 2014.
  • Protestors were chanting slogans such as “No to partition, No to federalism, No to autonomy or any special status for northern Mali.”
  • Similar marches took place in other cities across the country such as Bamako, Timbuktu, Gao, Sikasso, etc.

“Suite à la signature d’un document optant pour le fédéralisme à Alger : Quatre mouvements de la CM-FPR2 claquent la porte et créent la CM-FPR3”, Bamako, in French, 3 Oct 2014

  • During a press conference held on 2 October 2014, four armed groups have announced the creation of a new rebel groups called CM-FPR3 in protest against the demands from their representatives in Algiers for the creation of a federal state. 
  • These are the Force de Libération du Nord (FLN), Mouvement Tombouctou, Ganda Izo and Mouvement Patriotique Résistance et Dignité (MPRD).
  • The newly created CM-FPR3 fully rejects any notion of autonomy, independence and federalism. 
Social Media

MOUHAMADOU TOURE, @mouhamadout, in French, 2 Oct 2014

  • #Mali #ArmedGroups: Division of #CMFPR2, #CMFPR3 was created this morning. It expresses its total and irrevocable rejection of federalism.

 MOUHAMADOU TOURE, @mouhamadout, in French, 2 Oct 2014

  • #Mali: Today, more than 4,000 people came out in #Mopti and #Koutiala to say no to the division of the country.

3. Political leader calls on Malians to be ready to take up arms against rebels
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“Le président des FAC, Seydou Amadou Touré à propos du Nord-Mali : Les Maliens doivent se préparer à défendre la patrie contre les groups armés”, Bamako, in French, 2 Oct 2014

  • The President of the party Forces alternative pour le changement (FAC) Seydou Amadou Touré called on Malians to prepare psychologically, physically and morally to defend their country.
  • Mr. Touré warned: “If peaceful and diplomatic efforts fail, there will be no other alternative but war.” 

4. MNLA leader arrested and released with impunity
Privately-owned media

“Nord du Mali : Un ancien complice des djihadistes arrêté”, in French, 1 Oct 2014

  • According to an informed source, a group of youngsters arrested Mohamed Zeyni Aguissa Maïga, who served as Minister of Youth and Sports during the occupation of northern Mali by MNLA in 2012.
  • Arrested near the village of Forgo, Gao region, Aguissa Maïga was handed over to the Malian armed forces.
  • The arrest has been confirmed by the Lt. Col. Souleymane Maïga, head of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Malian armed forces.

“Les autorité maliennes cèdent encore à la volonté des séparatistes : Un cadre du MNLA relaxé sans autre forme de procès”, Bamako, in French, 3 Oct 2014

  • Mohamed Zeyni Aguissa Maïga was released by Malian authorities with impunity.
  • Despite detaining irrefutable evidence against him, Malian authorities argued that his release was necessary to consolidate confidence-building measures between the armed groups and them in the context of the Algiers peace talks. 
Social media

MNLA PAGE OFFICIELLE, @MnlaNews, in French, 2 Oct 2014

  • #Azawad/Meneka – This morning’s protest for the release of brother Mohamed Zeini Maiga #MNLA #HCUA #MAA.

5. Magistrates trained on how to prosecute the most serious offences under international law
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“Traitement des crimes graves au regard des droits humains : Des magistrats et avocats outillés”, in French, 29 Sep 2014

  • MINUSMA’s division of Human, in collaboration with the ICC and the OIF, organized from 24 to 28 August 2014, a training course for magistrates and lawyers on theories, techniques and practices in handling the most serious crimes under international criminal law.
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