September 8-15, 2014

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Mali
Posted on September 16, 2014

1. Mali Peace Talks: Civil society hearing completed
State-owned media

“Alger II : L’audition fait souffler le chaud et le froid”, Bamako, in French, 8 Sep 2014

  • The first sequence of the Algiers peace talks will extend longer than expected.
  • The hearings of civil society should have, in principle, been completed on September 7, 2014 and give way, on September 8, 2014, to the negotiations between the Government of Mali, the Coalition that signed the Algiers Declaration (MNLA, HCUA and MAA) and the signatories of the Algiers Platform (CPA, MAA and CMPFPR).
  • Due to the late arrival of the civil society delegation invited by the Coalition, mediators, who wanted to give participants the maximum opportunity to express themselves, added an additional day of hearings. 
Privately owned media

“On en parle dans les coulisses… Reprise des pourparlers à Alger : La Société Civile propose une politique de régionalisation”, Bamako, in French, 8 Sep 2014

  • After two days of suspension, Tuesday 2 September and Wednesday 3 September, the second round of peace negotiations resumed on Thursday 4 September 2014.
  • The suspension was due to the fact that some of the civil society representatives close to armed groups, including the Coalition of movements of Azawad, which includes the Mouvement National de Libération de l’Azawad (MNLA), the Haut Conseil de l’Unité de l’Azawad (HCUA) and the Mouvement Arabe de l’Azawad (MAA), could not travel from Bamako due to some issues with their passports, causing a delay in the beginning of the work of the four thematic groups set up during the first day of the second round of peace talks.

“Négociations d’Alger : Le MNLA et le HCUA demandent l’indépendance des régions du Nord”, in French, 9 Sep 2014

  • Initiated a few days ago, the second phase of talks between the government and armed groups encountered its first obstacles.
  • The Coordination of armed groups of Azawad is demanding the independence of the regions of northern Mali. However, for the Government, secularism and territorial integrity are not negotiable issues.
Social media

LEILA BERATTO, @LeilaBeratto, in French, 9 Sep 2014

  • A meeting is scheduled to take place tonight between 6 armed groups from northern Mali. Not the first one. They are trying to agree #Algiers #Negos #Mali

LEILA BERATTO, @LeilaBeratto, in French, 9 Sep 2014

  • Negotiations between armed groups and government will begin Friday, maybe even Monday. #Algiers #Negos #Mali

MNLA PAGE OFFICIELLE, @MnlaNews, in French, 11 Sep 2014

  • #Urgent #Azawad – Negotiations on the politico-institutional theme between armed groups and the Malian Government will start tomorrow around 3 pm.

MOUSSA AG, @Moussa_ag, in French, 12 Sep 2014

  • At the request of Mali negotiations are postponed until early next week

2. Security situation in northern Mali: reports of deteriorating situation
Privately owned media

LE SOIR DE BAMAKO, “Situation dans les régions du nord : L’insécurité devient de plus en plus grande”, Bamako, in French, 11 Sep 2014

  • While negotiations between armed groups and the government of Mali are well underway in Algiers, there is unfortunately a resurgence of violence in northern Mali.
  • Indeed, for a little while, not a single week passed by without attacks being perpetrated against civilians, communities or event MINUSMA in northern Mali. 
  • More specifically, the northern regions of the country have become lawless areas.

Social media

MINUSMA, @UN_MINUSMA, in French, 8 Sep 2014

  • RT @StudioTamani: #Mali, @UN_MINUSMA: “From January 2013 until today, attacks made  171 among civilians, 38 of…

AZAWAD TWEET, @SaharaRebelle, in French, 8 Sep 2014

  • 2014/09/08 Photo of our fighters in West #Azawad #Foyta #Timbuktu

AZAWAD TWEET, @SaharaRebelle, in French, 11 Sep 2014

  • #Azawad – Malian armed forces are on alert tonight in #Gao. After the reinforcement of our positions in #Anafif.

MNLA PAGE OFFICIELLE, @MnlaNews, in French, 11 Sep 2014

  • #Azawad – 2014/09/07 March in #Kidal #MNLA

AZAWAD TWEET, @SaharaRebelle, in French, 13 Sep 2014

  • #Azawad - #Algiers negotiations: 13/9/14 an image from a protest in #Kidal #MNLA #MAA #HCUA

AZAWAD TWEET, @SaharaRebelle, in French, 13 Sep 2014

  • #Azawad - #Algiers negotiations: 13/9/14 protests in the city of #Ber #MNLA #MAA #HCUA

AZAWAD TWEET, @SaharaRebelle, in French, 14 Sep 2014

  • #Azawad - #Algiers negotiations: Protests in Foïta, a small town in the region of #Timbuktu.

3. Fight against impunity: Human rights organizations marching in Bamako
Privately owned media

“Pour la Paix et la justice : Les défenseurs des droits humains marchent le jeudi 11 septembre 2014”, in French, 9 Sep 2014

  • Under the aegis of organizations and institutions to defend human rights, Bamako house Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014, from 8 am 30, a peaceful march dedicated to peace and justice is organized by human rights organisations and institutions and will be held in Bamako on September 11, 2014.
  • According to the organizers, the march "Peace and Justice" aims to gather all Malian citizens that support a lasting peace and a national reconciliation that take into account the rights of victims to truth, justice and reparation.

“Marche pacifique des organisations et institutions de défense des droits humains pour ‘la Paix et la Justice’ : ‘Attention! Réconciliation oui, impunité non!”, in French, 12 Sep 2014

  • Human rights organizations and institutions marched yesterday on September 11, 2014 to show their determination to end impunity as an obstacle to peace and lasting reconciliation in Mali.
  • According to its organizers, the march mobilized 5,000 people from different human rights organizations and institutions in Mali, including Me Moctar Mariko, president of the Association Malienne des Droits de l’Homme (AMDH), Mr. Saloum M. Traoré, executive director of Amnesty International Mali and Me Kadidia Sangare, member of the Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme (CNDH).
Social Media

FIDH, @fidh_fr, in French, 11 Sep 2014

  • #Mali: Giant march organized today in #Bamako against impunity
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