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August 27 - September 3, 2014

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Libya
Posted on September 4, 2014


Compiled by Myriam Maalouf

  1. Media Freedom
  2. Risks of Civil War
Media Freedom New Quryna, article dated 29 August 2014, in Arabic

International calls for the protection of journalists after the targeting of Tripoli channels

  • Human rights organizations and the International Federation of Journalists asked the Libyan government to protect their journalists. 
  • Journalists have become targeted by militias in kidnappings and killings.
  • Militias have seen that some channels don’t adhere to their principles and work against them, therefore they have bombarded and destroyed these channels. 
LANA News, article dated 3 September 2014, in Arabic

Jalu journalists demand the shut down of any Libyan channel broadcasting form outside the country

  • Many of Jalu’s journalists asked the interim government to take hasty steps and stop Libyan channels’ broadcasting from outside the country. 
  • Closing these channels, according to these journalists, will lessen foreign interference in the affairs of the country and will force agendas upon the political and security players in Libya. 
  • Their report also called for the shut down of any channel whose programs thrive at the expense of Libya’s security and stability. 
Risks of civil war New Quryna, article dated 29 August 2014, in Arabic

Al-Dabachi warns that Libya may slip into “total civil war”

  • Libyan ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim al-Dabachi, warned that Libya may fall into a complete civil war. 
  • He insisted on the importance of stripping militias of their weapons during the Security Council meeting. The SC threatened to enforce sanctions on the leaders of the militias. 

Libya News Network, article published 3 September 2014, in Arabic Military gathering in Zintan in preparation for Tripoli battle

  • Libyan air force leader confirmed that the military would launch an attack on militia locations around the city of Tripoli.
  • The military is currently regrouping its forces in the Zintan mountains but the date of the attack has not yet been set. 
  • Armed militias have suffered great losses at the hands of government forces in many regions including Benghazi. 

Al Bawaba, article published 1 September 2014, in Arabic

13 killed and 45 wounded in Benghazi clashes

  • Clashes between Islamist militias and Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Benghazi led to the death of 13 and the wounding of 45.
  • Islamist forces including members of Ansar al Sharia renewed their efforts to take over the civil and military port of the city from the hands of the military and of Haftar’s forces. 
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