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September 10-17, 2014

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Libya
Posted on September 18, 2014


Compiled by Myriam Maalouf

Anba Libya, article dated 11 September 2014, in Arabic

Bombing of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Benghazi

  • The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was targeted on Wednesday morning using a car bomb. 
  • The car contained large amounts of TNT, but the explosion did not result in any casualties although the building got severely damaged. 
New Quryna, article dated 17 September 2014, in Arabic

Al-Sharif denies Al-Dabachi and Al-Thinni’s allegations on the arrival of weapon-filled planes

  • Defense ministry representative, Al-Sharif, denied Al-Dabachi’s (Libya’s UN representative) and the PM’s allegations about planes loaded with weapons arriving to Libya.
  • The planes were said to have been sent from Qatar and Sudan. 
  • Al-Sharif stated that no such planes could have arrived without other national bodies being aware of it and he states that weapons that arrived from Sudan to southern Libya did so within the bounds of official agreements.
LANA News, article dated 17 September 2014, in Arabic

Security source in Sirte denies the news of a car bomb in front of the Congress Hall Complex

  • Security source confirmed that there was no explosion. 
  • Instead of a bomb, there had been a car crash where one of the cars caught fire and contained fireworks.
  • The accident resulted in two casualties. They were the men sitting in the car.
LANA News, article dated 17 September 2014, in Arabic

Life returns to normal in Tripoli

  • After recent events, life in the capital is gaining back its usual pace.
  • Streets are busy again as shops, bakeries, and shopping centres open their doors once more. 
  • The police spread across the city, in the streets and squares, in addition to police cars being stationed at key intersections.
  • The fuel crisis remains a people rush to opened gas stations and inhabitants still suffer from power cuts that reach up to eight hours at a time. 
Libya Herald, article dated 17 September 2014, in English

Derna Islamist leader killed in Benghazi

  • A leader of the Shoura Council of Islamic Youth was killed in Derna. 
  • Shoura Council of Islamic Youth is a militia formed at the beginning of April by three existing radical Islamist groups: the Army of the Islamic State of Libya, Ansar Al-Sharia, and the private forces of Sufian Ben Qumu. The latter holds the main political power in Derna. 
  • The militia has a reputation for violence and its members show admiration for Al-Qaeda, they even use its black flag.
  • The killed leader was fighting alongside Ansar Al-Sharia and the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shoura Council trying to take over Benina Airport.
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