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August 7-13, 2014

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Libya
Posted on August 14, 2014


Compiled by Myriam Maalouf

  1. Violence and conflict
  2. Politics
Violence and Conflict
Libya Herald, article dated 11 August 2014, in English

“Operation Dignity reaffirms that it will attack ships trying to enter Benghazi port”

  • Operation Dignity went against Banghazi Municipal Council’s decision to keep the port open and will keep its promise to attack any ships entering it. Operation Dignity is seeking to cut short the supply of weapons and troops delivered to Islamist brigades in the city. Islamist reinforcements are thought to be arriving from the ports of Misrata, Ras Lanuf, and Derna.
Al Jazeera, article dated 12 August 2014, in Arabic

“Haftar jets bombard Derna and the military calls for a ceasefire”

  • Aerial strikes by Haftar’s forces targeted the port of Derna twice before also bombarding a building near the port. The strikes led to severe damages to the port and to the wounding of the civilian inhabitants of the building, including children.
  • Retired Major General, Khalifa Haftar, is leading his “Libyan National Army” through “Operation Dignity” against what he considers to be terrorist locations in Derna and Benghazi. Haftar’s forces have suffered some losses lately as Libyan Rebel Council fighters in Benghazi have taken over their encampments in the city. 
  • Chief of Staff, Major General Abdulsalam Jad Allah Al-Salheen Al-Obaidi, ordered all army units to stop fighting in all Libyan cities. Al-Obaidi stated that whoever disregards his orders would take responsibility for their actions. 
LANA News, article dated 13 August 2014, in Arabic

“International Organization for Migration warns about great shortage of necessary food supplies in Libya”

  • The IOM described the situation in Tripoli as tragic since there were shortages in fuel and gas in addition to spikes in prices and a severe shortage in food supplies such as bread and children’s food. There is also a shortage in pharmaceutical products and medicine especially for chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Moreover, all vaccines have been stolen from both public and private storage spaces. 
New Quryna, article dated 13 August 2014, in Arabic

“Many wounded after cannon bombardment targets neighbourhoods in the center of Tripoli ”

  • Cannon bombardment reached the centre of Tripoli on Wednesday morning leaving many of its inhabitants wounded. Meanwhile, the Libyan military conducting Operation Dignity bombarded an armed convoy on its way from Derna to the city of Tobruq, in the eastern part of the country. 
New Quryna, article dated 12 August 2014, in Arabic

“Parliament agrees on conducting presidential elections immediately”

  • Members of parliament strive to get past the issue of confronting armed phalanges and agree to elect a new president. According to Reuters, western partners hope that the new parliament will make room for negotiations with clashing militias and their political backers to bring back stability to the country.
  • Members voted with the majority choosing to conduct immediate presidential elections where the Libyan people would elect their new president. A date has yet to be set, though, due to the current unstable situation that the country is going through. 
Libya Herald, article dated 13 August 2014, in English

“HoR disbands officially recognized and funded militias”

  • A law voted for by 102 out of 104 representatives passed today and it officially disbands all officially recognized and funded militias formed post- 2011. The law must be implemented no later than 31 December 2014.
  • An earlier law was also passed to call for international help after there were no responses on the clashing sides when a ceasefire was called for. 
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