April 6-12 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Kyrgyzstan
Posted on April 20, 2015

Compiled by Caitlin Murphy

Human Rights
24.kg, State-owned media, Accessed on 6 April 2015

Young Patriots Kyrgyzstan urged law enforcement agencies to ban the activities of Human Rights Watch

  • Representative of a Kyrgyz youth movement “Young Patriots” said that they want Human Right Watch (HRW) banned from the country.
  • One spokesperson said that they did not want to see what happened in Ukraine, happen in their country, and they are afraid of HRW as an organization that can quickly mobilize people.
  • These statements are a response to the “Bir Duino” office raids (see last week’s report), and the response by Western NGOs calling for change from corrupt practices in government and enforcement agencies.
  • The Young Patriot movement was founded after the events of April 2010, and has a membership of about 50 people.
24.kg State-owned media, Accessed on April 10 2015

Protestors at the White House demand the resignation of the government of Kyrgyzstan

  • Representatives of the government of the movements Mekendeshteri and Kirk Choro demanded the resignation of the government and that a decision be made on Kumtor.
  • Some protestors demanded the nationalization of the Kumtor mine, while others call for the denunciation of the agreement that Kyrgyz holds with the foreign Canadian investors.
  • The protestors, overall, want a decision made in the national interest of Kyrgyzstan.
  • They also want the decision making process to be transparent, which it had previously not been. 
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